It is a common misconception that hiring cars from an on Airport site is the easiest option. As an independent company, Alpha Car Hire is based just off-airport in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Melbourne. From here the team is able to provide a fantastic service with all the added perks that come with an off-airport location!

Airports are hectic places packed with people moving in every direction. With Alpha, once you land all you have to do is give us a call and we come out to pick you up in our courtesy shuttle. With offices located approximately five minutes away you’ll be at your car and on the road in no time! This service gives you time to pack the car, settle the kids and stretch your legs, all whilst being well away from the stress so often associated with airport environments. Plus you don’t have to track across an unfamiliar car parking look for a car in a massive sea of cars.  When you return the car, the bus will be ready and waiting to drop you right at your terminal!  The number one reason to look for car rental away from airports is the savings you will make! Let’s face it, holidays are expensive so you need to know where you can save. Rental companies based on Airport pay up to 28% in taxes and to cover costs these are passed on to you!  As off site operators don’t pay these taxes you can save yourself over $50 on a seven-day rental that you can use towards something fun on your holiday! Being an off-site provider also allows Alpha to offer long and short term parking. With undercover parking, guaranteed security and the shuttle bus service to and from the airport all included, you still pay less than you would for airport parking! Alpha is proud to offer great prices and efficient services made possible by the fantastic off-airport locations. With an off-airport provider you can have your cake, and eat it too!