travel journal
DIY travel journal

If you are anything like me you’ll come home from your holiday with every train ticket, movie pass, museum entry cards and tourist map you used whilst away. You’ll hold onto these things in the hope that they will aid you in jogging your memory. Yet months after your holiday has passed, they remain scattered at the bottom of your suitcase, on dresses and hidden in wallets. As I sit here, looking through the endless amounts of paper memories from my last trip I can’t help but wish I had kept them in some kind of order as I went, because although you may think you’ll never forget that amazing night in Paris, photos mean nothing with out an explanation, and words nothing without a date.

With this in mind, I have collected some simple, yet great tips from travel experts to ensure you do not encounter the same fate as I.

1. Do not pack light.

Although it goes against every other travel tip under the sun, when it comes to travel journals, you can never be too prepared. More than one pen, a gray lead, some blue tack, paper clips and of course a journal.

2. Pick a time of the day and dedicate ten minutes to your journal.

Write the date at the top of the page, stick down any tickets, or other things you may have collected, flick through the pictures in your camera and make note of where you will later stick a photo. It’s not hard work when you take it one day at a time and your grandchildren will thank you for the clarity in your recounts.

3. If it helps, write down some questions before you leave for your trip and try answer them everyday.

Some good headings may include but are not limited to, basic things like: Where, When, Who, Weather and What. Some of you may like something rather more in-depth like, something you ate, something funny or something that shocked you. Either way force yourself to think about your day and it will be easier to write about.

These tips are easy and if you follow them, there is absolutely no reason for any of you travel hoarders to end up in the same mess as I have.  Sharpen those grey leads, pin down those tickets and what ever you do, do not forget to have an amazing experience to write about!

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