Day 4

The first night in the motel was bliss enjoying the warmth before enduring the camp out. The morning started off really well. Our old faithful Alpha Angel car started first go without a hitch. Girl power all the way.

The day was long and a lot more dustier roads then the bash has had so. Our first hiccup was crashing the Alpha car into a tree at 25 miles an hour. We were all ok and the car only suffered damage to the bull-bar. Then we got bogged twice once in muddy water then in sand. Mind you so did most of the cars. Then in the evening we had our first camp out and me and a fellow basher did some pranking by putting glad wrap over 4 cars plus one tent. Then we all camped in old horse stalls.

Day 5
Wake up was 5am to pack up and have breakfast then I checked our oil one of the photograohers caught me on camera the car has been going through 5 litres a day. Then it took me and the boys from car 488 that have been helping out the Alpha Angels since our first day about half an hour to start. Then I came off the road today but I managed to tell the car who is boss and get it back on the road.

Then one of the boys from 488 helped me out by taking over the drive. So then I jumped in the back with them. Cass got the chance of a lifetime to go on the XXXX bus for the day and totally loved the experience. We had no further dalema today. But now the Alpha car is having idle and brake issues. We will fix them tomorrow. Tonight we are enjoying a live band from the side of a truck having a few relaxing well deserved drinks.