When someone says Tasmania, people are quick to associate it with the cartoon made famous by Warner Bros. But where exactly is Tasmania?

Tasmania is located 240km south of the mainland and has a cooler climate. The island state is best known for their fine foods and cuisines, as well as historical landmarks as Tasmania’s capital city Hobart is the second oldest city in the country after Sydney.

Given the island’s attributes, it’s going to take more than a day for tourists to fully experience everything the island has to offer.

Tasmania in Five Days

A five-day road trip around Tasmania is your best bet to see as much as you can without being tied to a tour group’s strict schedule. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to spend some time with just your family or mates and your car for the next five days. So, grab your car, your loved ones of choice, and get ready for a road trip to remember. Start your five-day road trip in the state capital of Hobart.

If you’re taking a ferry from the mainland to Tasmania, the travel time from Devonport to Hobart is 281.5km (3hr 14min)

Day 1: Hobart [Starting Point]

What to see in Hobart: Before you set off for the rest of Tasmania, check out some of the sights in Hobart including a hike up kunnayi/Mt. Wellington. If you’re not up for a hike, you can always walk through the city and visit Salamanca Place and its three to four storey sandstone warehouses. This area is perfect for those looking to learn more about Tasmania’s history as well as finding a place that serves the best meals in Tasmania. Perfect for fuelling up before you take off for your next stop.   


Day 2: Hobart to Orford [78km, 1hr 5min]

What to see in Orford: If you’re the type that likes the sea and spending time on the beach, Orford is definitely for you. Orford is best known for their beautiful beaches like the Raspins and Millingtons. You can also walk through Convict Trail, the infamous road built by convicts living in Tasmania between 1841 to 1855. If you wish, you could also purchase tickets for a ferry ride that will take you to Maria Island National Park where you can see wild animals in their natural habitat.

Day 3: Orford to Swansea [60km, 40min]

What to see in Swansea: The drive from Orford to Swansea is the very definition of ‘enjoy the ride, not the destination’, (but you will enjoy the destination as well) as you are treated to some great coastal scenery as you drive through Freycinet Peninsula, located north of Orford. In Swansea, you can visit the Devil’s Corner, one of the largest vineyards in Tasmania run by the Brown Brothers Company. Other places you can visit in Swansea are the Bark Mill and Tavern, Australia’s only restored black wattle bark mill.

Day 4: Swansea to Bicheno [43km, 33min]

What to see in Bicheno: Like Orford, Bicheno is home to some great beaches. But that’s not all it has to offer. If you’ve got kids along for the ride, they will enjoy the vast wildlife experience in Bicheno which includes penguins, legitimate Tasmanian Devils, and witness the underwater wildlife through the glass bottom boat tour. And after a long day of beaches and animals, it’s time to visit some of the great cafes and restaurants in the city for the perfect way to unwind.


Day 5: Bicheno to St. Helens [114km, 1hr 30min]

What to see in St. Helens: The last stop on your five-day road trip is St. Helens. St. Helens Tasmania’s second largest fishing port, best known for their deep-sea fish and lobsters. And of course, recreational fishermen are always welcome. The town itself is laid back and has a relaxing vibe. You can also visit the white sandy beaches and take in that fresh sea air. After a day around the bay and the town, visit the local cafes and restaurants. You’re always sure to find one that serves the best dishes.  

Enjoy your stay in each city and make sure to try out their specialties. With each city, you are guaranteed to learn something new about Australia’s history all while enjoying yourself. Perfect for a fun field trip for the kids, or if you just want to visit the historical sights you’ve only read about in textbooks. Don’t have a car for the ride? Not a problem. Rent a car from Alpha Car Hire’s Melbourne or Dadenong branch and take it onboard the “Spirit of Tasmania” ferry service to start your Tasmanian Adventure. The car you rent is guaranteed to run smooth through your Tasmanian road trip. So, call and book a car today.

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