It seems like Christmas just went by yesterday, and yet, Holy Week and Easter is already coming up. In Australia, Easter is widely celebrated. There’s this show in Sydney called the “Sydney Royal Easter Show”, and it has been around for decades.

The Sydney Royal Show was first held back in 1823, which grew to be Australia’s largest annual ticketed event. It attracts about 850,000 attendees yearly, and the revenue generated from it allowed the organizers to to invest in different competitions, education, and agricultural programs.

The show promotes and celebrates the Australian culture as well, may it be rural traditions or modern day lifestyle. It provides a unique experience for everyone, whether you’re a local or a visitor. The city streets can get pretty busy during the event though, which will be held during the 6th all throughout the 19th of April. The best way to beat the crowd is to get a car rental – so you’d never have to feel uncomfortable during the whole experience.

To get the full experience, you’d have to make sure to plot everything and plan which ones you’re going to see. Here are some of the events that you might be interested in during the 14-day event:

Coca-Cola Carnival

Head on to the Coca-Cola Carnival to experience the most thrilling rides such as the Space Roller, where you will be whipped in all directions at 20 meters high! The Crazy Spinning Coaster will give you all the thrills of a traditional roller coaster, and a whole lot more exciting rides for you to enjoy!
The Grand Parade
This one has been around since 1907 – and is an ongoing tradition for the Sydney event. The parade will be divided into three, but will all feature competition winners including champion woodchoppers, animals, producers, and future community leaders.
The World Bazaar
Shopping addicts will surely enjoy this – as shoppers from all over the world can enjoy different market stalls hosted by different countries from all over the world!
The Ampitheatre
Watch as different shows and events unfold before your eyes. You can choose from these lot:

AWPA Australian Whipcracking Championship
Rural Achievers and Showgirl Presentations
Easter Bunny Spectacular
Looney Tunes Circus
ALPA Young Auctioneers Competition
and Country Rocks

Natural Fibre Fashion Parade
If you’re into fashion, then you’ll definitely dig this – as models will walk down the runway to show sustainable fibre clothing.
Snack Shack
Here, you can get sumptuous but affordable food, perfect for when you go hungry after a day of shopping and watching!
Live Music
Watch out for your favorite local artists and even the newbies – as Sydney will become a hotspot for great gigs for 14 days!
The Zone
Addicted to street edge style? Then you should definitely put The Zone in your calendar! Rad clothing, posters, henna tattoos, and body jewellery will be offered at the event.

Enjoy fourteen days of agricultural competitions, live entertainment, and a whole lot more at the Sydney Royal Easter Show! We’ll see you there!