“Laughter is the best medicine” – a saying that goes way back, but is still applicable up to this day.The Sydney Comedy Festival 2017, Sydney’s biggest annual comedy event, is happening on the 24th of April until the 21st of May. Every year, comedians from all over the globe flock to Australia to entertain an audience of over 123,000 people. The event is then followed by a 56-stop Showcase Tour across the country.

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Here is a list of some of the best comedians that will be featured during the event:

Cal Wilson

This gal has always been a crowd pleaser because of her jokes that are nearly direct to the point. She talks fast and delivers joke after joke, which will make you roll from your seat and onto the floor. See her previous performance here.
Jimeoin aka the “Renonsense Man”
Whenever this guy is around, tickets sell like hotcakes. Why, you ask? With his amazing talent to use just his words, facial expressions and body language, he can make anyone laugh hysterically. His delivery will make you feel as if you’re having a conversation with him instead of watching a comedy show. Watch his Apollo 2014 appearance here.

Nazeem Hussain
This guy loves to improvise during his stand-up shows. He is one of the most in demand radio and TV personalities in Australia, with Public Frenemy being a well-received show. His jokes are unfiltered and he will say whatever he wants to, which is why he has become Australia’s literal public frenemy. He has recently been chosen as one of the correspondents for the new Netflix program called “Bill Nye Saves the World”, and will be joining other correspondents including Derek Muller, Karlie Kloss, and more. Watch his Sydney Comedy Festival 2015 stint here.
Dane Baptiste
Always delivering original jokes, Dane has become a hit in the stand-up comedy world for the last three years. He had a sold-out run during his Reasonable Doubts show last 2015, and has written and starred in his own BBC sitcom series called “Sunny D”, and radio appearances in Live at the Apollo,  Tonight at the London Palladium, Mock the Week, Live from the BBC, The News Quiz, 8 Out of 10 Cats, and Virtually Famous. He has a new show called “G.O.D. (Gold. Oil. Drugs.)”, You can watch one of his shows here.

Dave Eastgate
Dave delivers his jokes through music. Rocking out to the tunes while making jokes just about anything makes him a sensation when it comes to the comedy world. See one of his shows here.

Are you ready to laugh hysterically? We sure are, and we’ll see you somewhere in Sydney soon!