Sydney is well known for many of its iconic tourist spots and one of the most popular is the fantastic shopping on offer. There are many amazing shopping venues to visit in Sydney with some located in the CBD and others further afield in various suburbs.

The places to shop in Sydney

Pitt Street Mall is in the centre of the city. It is packed with awesome stores and arcades perfect for the avid shopper. These include the Skygarden, the Glasshouse, Centrepoint and the Strand. A shopping venue such as the Strand also offers a view into history as it was built in 1892 and still holds its original stunning Victorian design, even after a fire in 1976.

If you love a good collection of department stores, Market Street is for you. Grace Brothers and David Jones are placed well within reach of each other and you can find quality products from around the world and Australia.

If you like a spot of entertainment with your shopping as activities for the family, take a trip to Darling Harbour or if you are after a little more history and antiques combined on your spending spree, visit The Rocks Market, situated a walking distance to the Sydney Opera House and a great place to buy a good book.

There are many more wonderful spots to visit. However, the tricky part may be getting from one place to the other. Public transport of course is available but this can become awkward once you are laden down with shopping bags and it’s not convenient if you wish to come and go as you please. Thankfully, there is a better option if you are visiting Sydney to enjoy the shopping.

Getting about in style
Hiring a car is the best way to get to all those fantastic shopping venues, in your own time. When you hire a car for a shopping trip, you have somewhere to place your daily purchases without being uncomfortably squashed on a train or bus and your trip from one place to the next will be a comfortable one.

You also won’t need to worry about navigating your way using public transport and working out where you need to go to catch the next bus or train. Simply find out where you are going on the map and get there in style; it’s the only way to shop from one place to the next. It’s also perfect if you are in a group so that you can then split the cost and travel together from shop to shop.

Plan your shopping trip and plan to do it in style with a hire car. Start by clicking here today and obtain further information regarding all your options.