Are you going away for that long awaited family vacation? How about the annual business trip to the overseas office? How often have you taken a taxi in, only to be gypped when it comes time to pay? And how about on your arrival back home, lining up with all the other passengers waiting for a taxi – the approximate average length of time waiting for a taxi upon arrival is 30 minutes. That’s 30 minutes standing around waiting for your turn to hop in and head on home. If only you’d used Alpha Airport Parking you’d be home by now.

Alpha’s airport parking is available at both Brisbane and Melbourne airports. They have secure open air, secure undercover and indoor motorcycle parking available at both airports. If you’re looking for a bit of luxury then opt for the Super Wash and Polish service while you’re away – it’ll have your car looking and feeling like new upon your return (car wash services are only available at the Brisbane airport parking).

Finalise arrangements, in particular: notify all the relevant authorities of your new address, make sure all gas cylinders are empty and valves are open, sort through the garden shed and start using all food in the fridge and freezer. Don’t forget to return all books and DVDs to their relevant locations.

If, on the other hand, you’re in the need of Brisbane airport car hire, then you’re in luck. Whether it’s for a family holiday or a business trip, Alpha Car Hire has the vehicle to suit your needs. Small cars, sedans, SUVs, 8 seaters and trucks – whatever your need, Alpha has it covered. Both airport parking and Brisbane airport car hire services include shuttle services to and from the airport terminals to keep waiting times to an absolute minimum.

The next time you’re planning a vacation away, forget about those expensive and inconvenient taxis and keep in mind Alpha Airport Parking and Alpha Car Hire. For more information on Melbourne and Brisbane airport car hire call 1300 22 74 73 or visit them online at the Alpha Airport Parking website.