Like most Australian’s you’ve probably looked forward to the Easter weekend since the start of the year. It’s a great time to go on a quick holiday, or even visit family and friends. But before you go on your holiday, Easter weekend or otherwise, there are a few things that you should do that people often forget:


insuranceThere’s nothing worse than having your holiday ruined or cut short because of an accident or a burglary. Whether it’s for your home or your car, arranging insurance that protects you from damage and theft should be one of your first priorities. Insurance can help you pay your damages on your own car or home, or even third party property depending on your package. The same goes for safeguarding yourself or your family. As bleak as it is to think of, you’re better of protecting yourself and your family’s future in case of any death, critical illness or disability that may leave one permanently unable to work. I know they may not be the cheapest, but they’re worth the investment. As safe as you are in life, accidents happen. As the old adage goes “Better safe than sorry.”

Be Car Smart


Whether you’re bringing your own car, booking a car parking space, or even booking a car hire; there are measures you can take to ensure that you’re holiday doesn’t become a nightmare, at least with all things relating to your car:

Road Safety

1. Research. Make sure you figure out the weather and traffic for the days when you’ll actually be driving. Take into consideration speed limits, road conditions, and hazards like cliffs and trees when you’re on the road. Remember, it’s not about getting there the fastest, it’s about getting there in one piece so you can actually enjoy your holiday.

2. Buckle In & Buckle Up. Check all of the chains, bolts, plugs, and other attachments to your caravans or trailers, and make sure that they’re secure. Forgetting these little things are one of the fastest ways to a road accident. When you’re sure that all of these are as safe and tight as can be, be buckle up your seat belt! More than your belongings, you should always be safe in your car.

3. Never Ever. When your eyes are droopy, you’re blinking more than usual, your body feels heavy, or when you’re yawning more than you should: DON’T DRIVE. EVER. PERIOD.

Consider Car Parking and/or Car Hire

Domestic or abroad, if you’re not 100% sure that your car is travel-ready, or if you’re hitching a ride with someone else; booking a parking space in a safe car parking may be a better option than leaving your car unprotected at home. You get 24/7 surveillance so get that peace of mind in knowing that your vehicle will always be safe. You should also consider renting a cheap car hire if you need to drive during your travels. With the right company, you’re sure that the car is, at most, 2 years old, is in good running condition, and that you get the best prices with price beat guarantees. Trust me on this, if you don’t want the hassle of a car inspection and whatnot, go for parking and car rentals.

Keep Your Home Safe


You’re not an idiot so I’m sure that you’ve run the checklist of turning off the gas, the electricity, and making sure that all of your doors and windows are shut. Good job! That’s one step closer to a stress-free holiday.But for a few more tips and tricks, check out our article on Keeping Your Home Safe While On A Holiday. You might be surprised on a couple of simple things that you could do for that extra security.