Getting into the driver’s seat of a car in a different country can be a little challenging. It will be a new set of road rules, as well as getting used to driving on the right-hand side instead of left. With that said, it’s best for drivers, new and old, to practice before they hit the open road. As you’re not a seasoned road warrior, yet, you should approach your first road trip as an adventure, but also a responsibility. Here are some road trip ideas perfect for new drivers.

Drive Smart

Once you’ve gotten the hang of driving and have put to heart the rules of the road, it is now time to test everything you’ve learned so far by taking on your first long drive. It will be a great confidence builder, and you can see some great sights around Australia as an incentive for arriving at each destination.

Sydney Melbourne Coastal Drive

great ocean drive - road trip ideas

A coastal drive through Melbourne and Sydney is quite ideal with the many sceneries along the way. Make a stop through Ben Boyd National Park, and check out the lovely coastal view along the way. The scenery and the wide-open roads are one of the many incentives this road trip has to offer drivers with new licenses.

The Long Paddock

long paddock

The best way to get practice is just to keep driving. Luckily, the Long Paddock stretches up to 600km along Cobb Highway and goes into the towns of Bourke, Broken Hill and White Cliffs. There are many sights and stops along the way including Mathoura where you can check out some of their local delicacies and wine. It’s a great way to gain your confidence in driving and enjoy some great food and company along the way.

Darling River Run

murray and darling river - road trip ideas

If you like learning about Australia’s History, then a road trip along Darling River should be beneficial. The Darling River is the third longest river in Australia was used as a way to transport goods back in the 1800s. Today, it is a lot less busy and makes for an excellent stop for drivers who need to take a break. Visit the Back O’ Bourke Exhibition Centre to learn more about the Darling River’s contribution to Australian History and more.

The rainforest way

rainforest - road trip ideas

Nothing but greens all around. Rainforest way offers you a much different scenery from the city. You are encouraged to explore and breathe the fresh air that you can get from the surrounding large trees. It is the perfect getaway for those looking for other places to go aside from restaurants and museums.

Waterfall way

bellinger river - road trip ideas

Waterfall Way is a 185km drive that takes you through national parks with breathtaking views of, yes you guessed it! Waterfalls. There is just something very calming about watching the water cascade to the waters below. You can then visit Bellingen, a town near the Bellinger river. You can rent out kayaks and canoes for a fun adventure.

Going on your first road trip is a special one, so why not choose a special place to drive to? That way, you get to enjoy both the journey and the destination. Bonus points for the company you decide to take with you.

Don’t have a car yet? You can always find a reliable car hire place that can rent you out an affordable car. So, what are you waiting for? Plan your road trip to one of Australia’s many scenic routes.