road rules

Hiring and driving a car in an unfamiliar country can be an intimidating experience. It’s important to be aware of not only road rules, but also the rules of the rental company you are hiring with. The following guide answers frequently asked questions and quires, and aims to have you on the road feeling confident about your rental!

Are you eligible to rent in Australia?

Firstly, you need to be sure you are eligible to drive in Australia. To rent a car you must have a valid unrestricted license and be over the age of 21. International license are accepted however if they are not written in English, an official translation is required.

Are there any extra costs?
One of the most frightening things about hiring a car is the chance of being involved in an accident. When agreeing to the terms and conditions of your rental, be sure to confirm your liability. Often agreements do not include insurance and may leave you paying for someone else’s mistake. To avoid any of this trouble, ask about the premium insurance packs. At Alpha, you can reduce your liability to $0.00. This means in the case of any accident, you won’t have to pay anything extra!

On commencement of a rental agreement, a bond will be taken. This can vary in amount depending on the length of the rental and must be taken on a credit card; Alpha Car Hire bond is one of the lowest in the industry at only $100 for passenger vehicles.

Once on the road, companies may ask you to cover the cost of toll roads, parking fines and other road infringements, so it is important to follow the road rules and take note of signs. If any fines occur, additional administration costs may be added.

Who can drive the rental car?
Only the person on the rental agreement may drive the car as they are the only individual who is insured. If you would like to add an additional driver to the agreement, they need to also present their license and a small additional cost will be applied. Make sure to check if this cost is a per day or per rental, this is especially important for longer bookings.

What if there is prior damage to the car?
All cars should be checked over with you before you leave the grounds and any prior damages noted. It is important that you take note, and look over the car yourself before leaving to avoid any confusion on return of the vehicle. At Alpha our representative takes the time to go over the vehicle with you so that you can both agree on the existing damage to ensure you are not charged for anything you didn’t do.

The local staff are happy to assist with any enquires. The team has also answered a whole heap of frequently asked questions that should help you with any further questions on hiring a car in Australia.