Calling all mountain bike enthusiasts! This year, join Reef to Reef, Australia’s newest MTB stage race that will take place from August 9 to 12. The event is recommended for riders looking to push themselves to the limits.

Reef to Reef starts off on the Coral Sea coast. From there, riders head inland towards trails going through tablelands, hinterlands, farmlands, MTB parks, and rainforests before finally finishing back at the coast for a total of 185 km.

Terrains will be different each day, providing riders with a unique experience and something to look forward to for each stage of the competition. What’s more, some of the grounds are on private property. Thus, only allowing riders participating in the event can enter; thus giving more incentive for participants.

Additionally, some of these challenging terrains on the Reef to Reef MTB event involve a 2450m vertical climb, farm tracks, and groomed downhill trails among others.

You can take part in the event on your own, or you can partner up. Enter now to experience the exclusive terrain today! While you’re making plans, don’t forget to book a reliable car hire service in Brisbane in to make sure that you can take your vehicle with you to the starting point, and drive yourself home by the end of the day without any trouble.

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