There may be cause for some from time to time to hire a vehicle. This could be for any number of reasons; a ute or truck may be required to move possessions or a car for a road trip to save wear and tear on the client’s own vehicle.

This kind of hire is usually over a short period of time, such as a weekend, and the benefits are well known. Alpha Car Hire, however, also offer long term car hire to clients and the benefits to be had in this situation are many, too.

Who would use long term car hire?

Those who would benefit from long term car hire are people who require a truck, ute or car for a longer period than normal but who don’t wish or need to buy a vehicle or enter into a long term lease agreement.

Businesses often take advantage of long term car hire as there are many benefits and the choice is cost effective.

Why would you need long term car hire?
A variety of reasons could have you searching for a long term car hire. Some people often find they don’t need a car and so don’t own one, but then something comes up such as a long trip away where they need to drive themselves.

Weddings, family get-togethers; reunions with friends, long visits from overseas or work are all reasons that some may find they need a car for an extended period of time. People who use their cars for work can also take advantage when necessary.

A removalist, a florist who delivers flowers or a merchandiser all need cars or trucks to get about but sometimes vehicles can let us down. If an accident occurs or the car breaks down, there can be repairs required, which means the vehicle will be out of use for some time.

In these situations, Alpha Car Hire is here to help. You can easily check out what Alpha Car Hire has available to hire and their prices online or even better, give them a call. By giving them a call you are guaranteed of the best deal possible and you will have someone on the phone to ask any questions you may have regarding the terms of the rental contract.

Regular clients who hire from Alpha Car Hire for either personal or business reasons can enjoy discounted rental prices too.

How business benefits from long term car hire
Hiring a vehicle long term can easily be a wise investment for any business. It will save money and stress but provide the benefits of having a car. When it comes to car hire, there is no need to think about depreciation in price and no need to worry about the resale cost the car will attract. No need to factor in an upgrade in the future.

Long term car hire provides flexibility for businesses that buying a vehicle cannot. Some businesses are just starting out or have quiet spots from time to time where profits can be low. Thanks to car hire, if they find a company vehicle is too much of a strain on the budget, then they can return the car.

If they buy a car then this is not such an easy situation to get out of, and there are a lot more bills involved with owning a car. When you hire a car with Alpha Car Hire, you don’t need to worry about insurance, maintenance, registration, replacing tyres or paying for repairs.

You are quoted an honest and upfront price including the options you ask for and you pay for the fuel; it’s simple. Dealerships are sales driven and not long after you have driven the car off the lot, you will be forgotten.

With Alpha Car Hire you are not just another client purchasing a car, you are a valued client whom they would like to see come back again and enjoy your business relationship with them each and every time.

When you contact Alpha Car Hire to enquire about long term car hire you can also find out about the extras they hire, if need be, such as baby seats, boosters and GPS. When your long term car hire agreement is up you simply return the vehicle in the position you received it in to your chosen office.

If the agreement ends and you wish to change vehicles or continue with the same one, contact Alpha Car Hire to find out how they can help. Contact them online today so you can get on the road and enjoy the benefits of a car without all the costs that come with it.