Last week, Newcastle residents were shocked at the news that the Queens Wharf Tower, or more commonly referred to by the locals and tourists as “The big penis” will be torn down.

The decision was made after the city council found that it costs $1.6 million to maintain. Additionally, the tower didn’t attract as many tourists as before. It also posed as a safety hazard for everyone living in the immediate area.

But that did not stop fans of the lewd landmark, as they began a petition called “save our schlong”. In the hopes that it can find the tower a new home.

Newcastle City Council Lord Mayor Nuatali Nelmes stated that parties were interested in the tower. However, the city turned down their offers. 

The Queens Wharf Tower opened in 1988 and was named after Queen Elizabeth II. It was the centrepiece of a 13 million dollar development celebrating Australia’s bicentenary. It’s most prominent feature is its bulbous viewing platform atop a slender tower design. It did not age well, however, as it has become the target of vandals because of its unique appearance.

It was revealed that the structure would be taken down sometime before November this year. That should leave you enough time to go down to Newcastle, rent a car, and get a memorable “dick pic” before it is gone forever.

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