At Alpha Car Hire we understand peace of mind is essential, especially during these uncertain times. Recently the demand for private vehicles has increased, both for personal and commercial use. This is why we are staying committed to helping you with your transport needs.

During these unusual times, you may be experiencing some disruptions to your normal routine, encouraging you to seek temporary alternatives. At Alpha Car Hire, we consider ourselves the provider of an essential service, safely transporting people and goods to where they need to be.

An Alternative to Public Transport

You may find yourself searching for an alternative to public transport, hoping to increase your personal space and social distancing. Though public transportation is still running around Australia, we think it’s only reasonable that you would want to explore alternative options. That is why a temporary car hire solution may be the right way to ensure you’re taking every precaution during current abnormal circumstances.

If you’re concerned about getting to work and continuing to live your life as normal, all while maintaining appropriate social distancing, consider an affordable temporary solution by renting or leasing a car.

An Alternative to Air Travel

It is currently a difficult time for organising domestic travel, and the traditionally small contained space on planes may be causing you apprehension. This is why considering a road trip may be a worthwhile substitute for your domestic travel plans.

Considering the recent cancellation of 60% of domestic Qantas and Jetstar flights, air travel has become an increasingly inconvenient venture. Hiring a rental car to drive interstate can be a valid and relaxing alternative to domestic flying.

We understand that some parts of life can’t be put on pause, like visiting family interstate, an unmissable business meeting, or simply a holiday you’ve been looking forward to. Consider private travel for your transportation needs to ensure peace of mind that your flight won’t get cancelled and to assure adequate personal space for your journey.

Our Commitment to You

As an Australian rental leader, we continue to endeavour to keep the interests of the general public as our top priority. This means continuing to provide a service that can help increase social distancing and stifle forced overcrowding on public transportation.

At Alpha Car Hire, we remain the most reliable and hygienic source of transportation. We offer an extremely high-quality service at a lower price point than competitors, making it a reasonable solution to requiring a break from public transport. We are also conveniently located to ensure easy access to our quality services.

We offer both short-term and long-term car hire options, so you can ride out these times of uncertainty for as long as you need. We also appreciate now is an essential time for flexibility, which is why we offer rental duration extension options and reservation modifications after confirmation.

Reliable and sheltered transportation is also important for those who depend on us, which is why we can offer a range of optional extras, like child seats, to help make the transition smoother.

Any further questions? Contact us at Alpha Car Hire today, and we’ll be happy to help.