It’s one thing to go swimming in a lake on a hot sunny day. It’s a whole other experience to go swimming in a lake that’s pink! And with millennial pink being so hot right now, there’s no better time to visit Australia’s own pink lakes. The pink lakes around South Australia can put other lakes to shame.

South Australia’s Pink Lakes

The pink hue these lakes give off is because of algae growing in its vicinity. This algae is not only a part of the ecosystem but is also used for food colouring. There is also more than just one pink lake, and several of them can be found around Australia.

Here are some of the pink lakes you can find in South Australia:

Lake Macdonnell, Eyre Peninsula

Lake Macdonnell, Eyre Peninsula
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The colours at Lake Macdonnell is one of the most intense out of all the lakes listed here. That’s because Lake Macdonnell has a high salt concentration, producing vivid colours that are guaranteed to leave you in awe.

Lake Bumbunga, Clare Valley

lake bumbunga
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Located near Adelaide, Lake Bumbunga is a popular destination for both photography enthusiasts and fashion brand photo shoots.

The lake changes colours throughout the year. It can go from pink to blue, to white. So, time your visit if you want to capture it in its best shade of colour.

Lake Eyre, Outback South Australia

kati thanda
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Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre is a giant salt pan. But because of the summer rainfall from up north, it fills with water. It creates an oasis in the middle of the South Australian Outback.

The colours it produces highlight the area. Seeing it from above allow you to appreciate it even more.

Lake Albert, Fleurieu Peninsula

lake albert
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If you’re headed down to Coorong National Park, then pass by Lake Albert. The lake is located near the Mighty Murray River.

It’s a great place to check out if you want to check out some natural wonders and so much more.

Make the trip around South Australia to check out all of these pink lakes. Each lake is pinker than the last. Of course, you’ll need a ride to get to these fantastic destinations.

The first thing you need to do is book your car hire service for arrival at Adelaide airport. From there, you can make your journey to one if not all of these pink lakes around South Australia.