Toll roads: you can either love the convenience or hate the additional expense for travel.

The good news is that tolls will never again be a problem for you whenever you book a car from Alpha! While toll tags weren’t always a part of your car hire package, today you can enjoy the benefits of the integrated RMS Tolling Solution with Alpha Car Hire. So what does that mean for you?

RMS Infographic


 You Never Have to Register For Anything — Ever


The old process with tolls was pretty much the same as driving your own vehicle. After booking a car rental from us, you had to call a toll tag provider to set up a pass. But it didn’t stop there. While you’re actually on holiday you had to be mindful of your tolls and the dates as you pass them. This is because a lot of them required payment within 3 calendar days of using a toll point. With the new RMS Tolling Solution, this process is no longer necessary.

As long as you’re renting with Alpha you never have to talk to the people from GoVia, RMS, CityLink, or any other provider for a road pass. There is no need to give out personal and sensitive information (like credit card numbers and email addresses) to yet another provider. The reason for this is that each of the cars in our fleet has its own E-tag fitted for your convenience. Your toll process is as convenient as booking a car from Alpha, agreeing to the T&Cs, and going on your merry way.

You Will Never Pay Penalties or Fines Ever Again – if you follow the rules!


When you go on holiday, toll passes are one of those seemingly trivial but actually important things that you may forget. When you don’t get a pass before going on your trip, the tendency is for you to forget to pay on time. This incurs fines or penalties. While $10 or $20 on top of standard toll fees may not seem like much, they can seriously add up especially when you pass through multiple tolls.

You will never have this problem with the new RMS Tolling Solution with Alpha. Remember how all of our cars have E-tags?

Whenever you pass through a toll, the E-tag will give you a beep notification. The Motorway operator sends that information (your toll road usage) to RMS for processing, then RMS will charge your debit or credit card directly for the toll usage plus a $3.30 daily service fee per calendar day that you use the tolls.  If you don’t use any toll roads during your trip, then you won’t be charged for any toll fees.

If you really want to discover each nook and cranny of the land down under, then you should know that toll roads are kind of a big deal. They’re everywhere, and you’ll probably end up passing a few of them when you go on a road trip. If you insist on not doing so, you’ll end up spending so much more of your time, petrol, and patience while being stuck in traffic. So make sure that your next holiday is stress-free with a comfortable car hire from Alpha integrated with the RMS tolling solutions for an easy pass to your destination. Trust m1e, you’ll love cruising through smooth roads with no traffic, and fast routes. Happy Travels!