Coolangatta is the most southerly coastal town in the Australian state of Queensland. The town was named after the topsail schooner Coolangatta, which was wrecked on Kirra/Bilinga Beach next to a creek in 1846. Coolangatta shares economy with its immediate neighbouring “twin town” Tweed Heads in New South Wales.

Coolangatta lies on the border between Queensland and New South Wales. The border between the two states is marked by a giant concrete plinth just off the main road. Most visitors cross over between states without even being aware of it. Other visitors take advantage of the one-hour time difference between the states to celebrate New Year twice.

Recommended Activities

Get out from the hustle and bustle of the city and re-discover the wonders of nature with a visit to Coolangatta. Some of the best surf and beaches are found in Coolangatta. The main daytime activity is surfing. Here visitors can enjoy snorkelling or diving. The major snorkelling/dive sites include Kira Reef, Cook Island and Nine Mile Reef.

Kira Reef is in the Pacific Ocean at the southern end of the Gold Coast. Divers will find scattered rocky outcrops covered in kelp fronds at the site. Swim with large schools of porcupine fishes and explore the reef’s woobegongs and macro life inhabitants.

Cook Island lies near the shore off Fingal Head in the Pacific Ocean. The dive site features hard and soft corals as well as boulders that form walls and caves cascading down the sandy sea floor. Marine inhabitants are a mix of reef and pelagic fish, including gropers, surgeonfish, puffer fish, leatherjackets, anemone fish, parrot fish, bullseyes, trevally and sweetlips. Stingrays, wobbegongs, turtles, blind sharks and Leopard sharks also hang around the dive site.

Nine Mile Reef, which locals call the “sharky” spot, is located off Tweed heads on the Gold Coast. The rocky reef, covered with plenty of corals, drops from 10 to 30 metres. Wobbegongs, blind sharks, bronze whalers abound all year round. Leopard sharks abound during summer, while grey nurse sharks can be seen during winter. Divers will also see the occasional hammerheads and whale sharks. The reef is inhabited by both reef fish and pelagic fish, as well as turtles, stingrays, eagle rays and manta rays.

Visitors can still enjoy Coolangatta without getting wet by visiting Pat Fagan Park. This stunning beachside park offers views all the way to Surfers Paradise. Green leafy trees surround the park, which is a popular wedding ceremony location. If you are lucky to visit Coolangatta during the second Sunday of any month, you can spend a day out exploring the Coolangatta Art and Craft markets. Here you will find hundreds of stalls offering locally made crafts, preserves, fresh produce, cookies and cakes, jewellery, homewares and other merchandise. The markets are open between 8 am and 2:30 pm, if weather permits.

Getting to Coolangatta
Coolangatta has a sufficient public transportation system. Of course, there are the ubiquitous yellow taxis. But there are also buses with regular routes running all the way through Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast’s largest city. There are two Greyhound stops in Coolangatta: one in the city centre and the other close to the airport. The Gold Coast Airport is in Coolangatta, a mere 10 minutes walking distance.

There are a lot of places where you can rent a bike. If you are the adventurous sort, biking is a great way to explore and discover the coast and the many beaches around Coolangatta.

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