Are you looking to visit Perth for your next holiday? You can’t go wrong with vast scenery and plenty of tourist attractions. And Perth’s wide-open roads are great for long drives with your mates and your family. But like your vehicle, you and your mates are going to want to have something to eat. But in a city as large as Perth, where should you go for the best eats?

Restaurants Around Perth

Mouth-watering dishes are abundant all around Perth. It’s all a matter of knowing where to stop for your next meal. Luckily, we’ve prepared a quick guide to help you navigate the city and go to the best places for some great Australian dishes you would’ve missed otherwise. Here are a few of those areas in no particular order:

  • Must Wine Bar – What sets the bar apart is their selection of wines and cocktails and delicacies like polenta bites and scallop croquettes. And the bar’s overall ambience gives off a subtle French flair. The Must Wine Bar in Perth is an excellent choice if you’ve wanted to go to Paris but never had the budget to do so.
  • Balthazar – Balthazar offers a peaceful and cozy ambience in their restaurant. It’s perfect if you’re looking to go for a classy date with your SO. Their excellent selection of food served with a creative flair topped off the whole venue. Something you can only get from Balthazar in Perth.
  • Rockpool – Rockpool is best known for its open kitchen and wood-fire grill that is visible in the dining room. Hence their speciality is grilled meat. But the restaurant also offers a variety of pasta. Wine goes well with steak, and Rockpool provides a variety of wine options to choose from, making the restaurant an excellent place for some good steak and wine after a long day of exploring.
  • Greenhouse – If it’s a unique experience you’re after, then the Greenhouse restaurant in Perth is worth visiting. The restaurant’s walls feature green leafy plants, with a garden placed on the roof of the building to stay true to their name. The garden is also where the restaurant gets its supply of herbs where they freshly picked when needed. The health-conscious can rest easy when they dine at the Greenhouse as all ingredients are guaranteed fresh and are from local producers.
  • Red Cabbage – Regarded as one of the most excellent restaurants in Perth, Red Cabbage offers its patrons an extensive menu that other restaurants can only wish to provide. The menu features roasted quail, ricotta gnocchi, and ocean trout with asparagus and almonds.
  • You can then choose to pair your meal with some continental wine, and then top the evening off with some delicious looking desserts.
  • Trustee Bar and Bistro – Trustee prides itself on their long list of wines that they can offer their patrons. Located within the bustling central business district, the Trustee Bar and Bistro offer seafood pappardelle and chicken Caesar salad, among others. It is a great place to go and grab some of their mouth-watering burgers with the succulent patties and more.

One thing you will always get in Perth is an excellent choice for great food and wine. These are just some of the restaurants that you have to experience around this city.

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