Going to the beach is always a fun time especially in the summer months. Summer may be coming to a close, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still go to any of the many beaches in the country. The beaches in Perth alone should give you a good selection.

Beaches in Perth

If you’re in South-West Perth and looking for beaches to spend the day, then you’re in luck. Here’s our selection of must-see beaches in and around Perth. The perfect last-minute getaway before summer is over.

Scarborough Beach

Scarborough Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Perth. There are plenty of hotels and apartments in the surrounding area, so you spoilt for choice for seaside accommodation. There are also a variety of eateries to try when you’re done for the day. The beach is best suited for surfers and people who just want to take it easy.

City Beach

If you’re staying in the city, consider paying a visit to City Beach. The beach is located in the middle of Perth’s northern suburbs, making it one of the most accessible beaches. Additionally, there are grasslands with BBQ equipment along with cafes and restaurants in the area. Watch out for the swells if you have kids in tow.

Port beach

Port Beach stretches to Leighton Beach. Together, they go all the way to South Cottesloe. Experienced ocean swimmers come to this beach to practice. It’s also an excellent spot for Stand-Up paddle boarders and families. The beach is also popular with joggers and beach walkers looking for a relaxing sea breeze. Port Beach is ideal for just about everyone. Unfortunately, it is not a great beach for surfers looking to catch a wave.

Trigg Beach

Trigg is a favourite surfer’s beach in Perth. Before surfing from this beach, ensure that you can swim. Because of Trigg beach’s popularity, you can expect a large crowd on most days. So, make sure to get to the area as early as possible.

Cottesloe Beach

Locals call Cottesloe ‘Cott’ for short. It is one of the more popular beaches in Perth next to Scarborough. The beach offers a little something for everyone. That’s why plenty of families spend the day with their kids here. If you’re not a fan of beaches, the area is still worth paying a visit if you want to get a unique Aussie beach vibe.

These are only some of the many beaches in and around Perth. So if you are visiting Perth for work or pleasure, don’t forget to make your plans to check out the city. Remember to book your car hire service from Perth Airport in advance.