With everyone keeping their belts tightened and saving money wherever they can, people have become reluctant to pay others to perform tasks they could do themselves. When the economy was booming, personal services was touted as a growth industry that would continue to flourish for people cashed up and time poor. Now some people are returning to a do-it-yourself approach, at least until the economy improves.

Overall, there is nothing wrong with this, but sometimes, trying to save money doing unfamiliar tasks can get people into trouble if they don’t know what they are doing. Moving house is a prime example. On the surface, it seems easy enough, and getting in professional removalists is expensive. However, losing weeks of income through a back injury from incorrect lifting, for example, would be even more expensive.

Hire Trucks Available with Hydraulic Lifts

There is a solution for those wanting to save those precious dollars and, at the same time, look after their general health. Alpha Car Hire, the trustworthy car rental company not only have the best maintained cars available for hire, but they also have trucks that are suitable for moving furniture and possessions. The trucks are available in both manual and automatic with a range of modern features, but they also have hydraulic lifts.

Hydraulic lifts are used in every part of industry as a quick and efficient way of moving large loads. Not only has their widespread uptake increased productivity, it has significantly reduced the type of muscular-skeletal injuries that were common in workers who were constantly lifting and moving heavy loads manually. When the benefits became obvious it was just a matter of time before the transport industry demanded this technology on their vehicles.

Hydraulic Lifts Dramatically Reduce Manual Handling Risks
Hiring a truck with a hydraulic lift from Alpha Car Hire will cost much less than professional removalists, and provided all the instructions are followed, the risk of injury from continually lifting heavy items is greatly diminished. Using the correct lifting techniques will still be required to get the items from the dwelling to the hydraulic lift. The biggest risk comes when lifting heavy items manually from ground level to the height required to get them into the back of a truck. The hydraulic lift removes that risk.

Back and shoulder injuries are the most common types of injuries associated with manual handling. Both are equally debilitating, extremely painful and can result in weeks of physiotherapy and rehabilitation before the injury heals enough to return to work. If this type of injury happens outside of work, it will also be very expensive. If you are moving house, or helping a friend to move, go to www.alphacarhire.com.au for prices and information, and don’t even think about doing the job without a hydraulic lift truck.