Craving for something filling and delicious? Then grab a plate of charred meat sandwiched between buttered buns with crispy chips on the side. How can you go wrong with a burger? It’s juicy, cheesy, and oozing with flavours that’ll tease your taste buds. Fortunately, you’ve got plenty of options when in Melbourne. As a food hub, the city has mastered the fine art of burger making. From artisan buns to patties made from grass-fed cows, you’re in for a tasty treat. Don’t know where to go? Check out our favourite spots. Oh, and if you’re on a budget, no worries. All these joints have top-of-the-line burgers that are under $15 (without add-ons).

1. Royale Brothers’ Royale with Cheese ($13)

Rear 1 Church Street, Brighton 3186
Phone: 03 9005 4242

royale brothers’ royale with cheese
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Love burgers and Pulp Fiction? Then the Royale with Cheese is the burger for you. A nod to the classic Tarantino flick, this classic burger continues to live up to its reputation. Take a bite and let the juicy beef and tangy sauce raise your expectations to new heights. You’ll enjoy the generous slab of cheese and crispy lettuce mixed with mayo, chopped onions, pickles, and mustard. Take the heat up a few notches by ordering more of the spicy Royale sauce; it’s also the perfect dip for those fried chips.
2. Rockwell and Sons’ Double Patty Smash Burger ($12)
288 Smith St, Collingwood, Victoria, 3066
Phone: 03 8415 0700

rockwell and sons’ double patty smash burger
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Order this on your next trip to Melbourne’s Rockwell and Sons, and find out why you should never underestimate the humble Kraft cheese single. Pair this slice of cheese with a juicy, grilled patty (times two), toasted brioche buns, and a special hot sauce, and you’ve got a to-die-for meal. If you don’t like veggies on your burgers, grab this plate and wash it all down with a bottle of locally brewed beer.

3. The Burger Lounge’s Classic Burger ($10.50)
902 Main Rd, Eltham VIC 3095
Phone: 9431 4500

the burger lounge’s classic burger
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Who says burgers can’t be healthy? Head to The Burger Lounge and ask for their classic burger; it’s the perfect lunch or dinner if you’re craving for something delicious but not packed with too much calories. The free-range beef patty is partnered with sugar-free buns, fresh lettuce, red onions, and a generous helping of tomato relish and aioli. Jazz it up with a sharp slice of Swiss or King Island blue cheese and crispy onion rings on the side.

4. Laurie Dee’s The Laurie Dee ($10.95)
Shop Re 03 Urban Diner, Epping Plaza, Epping VIC 3076
Phone: 03 9408 0196

laurie dee’s the laurie dee
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Your trip to Melbourne wouldn’t be complete without getting a bite of The Laurie Dee. Fresh slices of tomatoes and lettuce, caramelized onions, relish, and diced pickles highlight the flavour of the minced patty. To top it off, a huge dollop of the Special D’ Sauce is mixed in, giving this classic burger an extra, spicy kick. Don’t forget to order some chilli cheese fries on the side.

5. 8bit’s Double Dragon ($13.50)
8 Droop St, Footscray VIC 3011
Phone: 9687 8838

8bit’s double dragon
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What’s a better way to end a trip around the city with a Double Dragon? This crowd favourite has everything you want in a burger times 2: double patties, double bacon, and double cheese. It comes with pickles, lettuce, mustard, and of course, the classic 8bit sauce. Something this tasty will go well with something sweet and creamy—order a glass of salted caramel milkshake for a meal that’ll keep you going throughout the day.

Whether you’re in the city looking for a good meal or you’re with your buddies on a food trip, Melbourne has plenty of burger joints to choose from. So take your pick from this list and tickle your taste buds with mouthwatering beef patties served with buttery buns, fresh veggies, lots of cheese, bacon, and that special sauce. Many of these spots get jam-packed during peak hours, so plan your trip accordingly. If you need a ride around the city as you search for the ultimate burger, book a cheap car hire in Melbourne with Alpha.