How much does your typical meal out cost? Maybe $100 if you’re somewhere really fancy, maybe $45 if it’s a full meal with drinks and maybe even sides? The beauty of being in Melbourne is that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to eat well. Street food here is some of the best in the world, and going around looking for them is a great way to experience the diversity in beautiful Melbourne.

Do you have $5 on you? Then you have enough for food in Melb. Yes, street eats can be as little as $5 and still tastes AMAZING. You probably won’t be given any cutlery and it’ll be a bit tight to go get some, but you wouldn’t need to gussy up or pre-book either. Here are a few cheap street eats in Melbourne that you’ll want to sink your teeth into:

Soul Food

red foodImage by Gumbo Kitchen

If you’ve ever been to New Orleans, then you know why it’s called soul food. It has a way of bursting flavour into your mouth, flurrying your brain with thoughts of home, and bringing genuine gastronomic happiness to the deepest depths of your soul. Yup, it’s soul food in Melbourne, and they do it quite well. And yes, off course you have to try the gumbo, but their smoked pork and buffalo fried chicken will give you the best comfort food on a really lousy day.

Be sure to catch their food truck. You can check their Facebook page for the location,

Bahn Mi

sandwichImage by

You haven’t had an amazing sandwich until you’ve tried a Bahn Mi. Taste that glorious medley of sweet, salty, earthy, hot, and cold in one bite, covered lovingly in a light, crusty bun. Each bite gives you a foodgasm and you’ll thank the Vietnamese for bringing this devilishly delicious but incredibly healthy sandwich to Oz. Did I mention that it can cost as little as $4.80? Okay fine, this may not exactly be a street stall or a roaming cart but this needs to be mentioned. Give a comment or a Like if you agree with me.

Address: 116 Hopkins St, Footscray, Melbourne, VIC

Phone: 03 9689 7296

Creme Brulee

foodImage by

You’re probably think, “WHAT?” But I kid you not, Melbourne serves creme brulee on the streets, in a cart. Yes, in Melbourne they serve what’s typically a restaurant dessert in the streets and it is fabulous. So you can always have a quick dessert and a little indulgence in Melbourne. Trust me, you’ll find a lot of interesting flavour combinations to try, and the Brulee Cart has other mouthwatering sweets. Make sure you check out their Facebook page for where they’ll serve next

Hot Dogs

hotdog sandwichImage by Snag Stand

Gourmet grilled, and everybody loves them — the Snag Stand has some of the best “haute dogs” you’ll ever taste, with flavours from all over the world. Have a spicy Spanish chorizo, or a Kransky with sriracha mayo, or maybe even a good ole American classic. It’s a crowd favourite with a gourmet twist, and you really wouldn’t want to miss out.


Address: Melbourne Central Dome, Swanston St, Australia

Phone: +61 3 9639 6544

There are loads more street eats and (more importantly) cheap eats to be found in Melbourne. It’s all about being adventurous enough to discover them. If you want to get to them easily, comfortably, and at your own pace, book a Melbourne car rental service from Alpha. Drive around and follow the amazing scents of Melbourne, have fun exploring, and give your taste buds a treat (or five) for cheap!

Did I miss any of your favourite street eats? Sound off in the comments