Are your taste buds craving for something exotic? Then you’re at the right place. Aside from pristine beaches and scenic landscapes, Australia is also known for its tasty native dishes. If you’re tired of the usual pork, beef, or chicken dish, it’s time to check out the Land Down Under’s wild side by sinking your teeth into any of these tasty treats:

Kangaroo burger and pizza

fancier meatImage by Gourmet Game

fancy pizzaImage by Gourmet Game

Underneath a kangaroo’s cute face and warm fur is a stretch of gamey meat that indigenous locals love. As a matter of fact, frozen kangaroo meat is widely available in supermarkets. To jazz up your next lunch, why not try a plate of juicy kangaroo burger or some kangaroo pizza? Daring locals love their roos marinated, barbecued, and grilled, so don’t be surprised if you see restaurants serving this exotic dish. It doesn’t easily dry up like deer meat, so it’s best for steaks and burgers. Expect a unique, gamey flavor because roos eat lots of shrubs and grasses in the wild.

Where to go:
Oz Turk Pizza’s and Kebabs (704 George St, New South Wales 2000)

This place serves a range of exotic dishes that are sure to tickle your taste buds. One of their specialties is the kangaroo burger. Juicy and tender, it’s like a beef burger but with a bit more kick because of its gamey smell and taste.

The Australian Heritage Hotel (100 Cumberland Street, The Rocks, Sydney 2000)

True to its roots, this iconic hotel serves plenty of yummy, native Australian dishes. Try something different for today’s lunch and order Pepper Kangaroo, a pizza with grounded kangaroo meat as toppings. Don’t forget to drown a slice with a bottle of beer or wine for a unique gastronomic experience.

Emu steak


Best eaten with lots of onions, munching on emu steak should be on your bucket list. Unlike your usual grilled or baked chicken, an emu steak is much more flavorful thanks to its red meat-like consistency. It can be braised, roasted, or smoked, making it a very versatile meat. It’s absolutely perfect for a weekend barbie if you and your buddies want a more exotic side for your favorite beer.

Where to go:
Casablanca (52 Petrie Terrace -Cnr Caxton Street, Brisbane 4000)

When in Brisbane, drop by this place and order the emu steak with bush onions. Pair that steak with a bottle of beer from Casablanca’s beer list. Popular among locals because of its juicy, flame-grilled steak, you’re sure to get your money’s worth and more at this resto/pub/cafe. Don’t forget to order a plate of seasonal veggies to round out your protein-rich dish.

Camel Meat Pie

fanciest meatImage by Choice

Craving for meat pie? Then grab a slice of camel pie, a delicious Australian staple. Best served with beer, camel meat has a unique taste and scent that’s a cross between lamb and beef. It’s also healthier than beef and other types of red meat, making the camel pie a must-try if you want a healthier alternative to your usual meat pie. Camel meat is usually served well done and marinated for a juicy and tender consistency.

Where to go:
Birdsville Bakery (Billabong Boulevard, Birdsville, QLD, 4482)

Popular for its award-winning meat pies, Birdsville Bakery takes meat pie-making to a whole new level by using camel meat. Its curried camel pie was given a golden rating by the Great Aussie Pie competition in 2012, making it a highly sought-after restaurant among locals and tourists.

Crocodile Cheesecake

fancy meat

Crocodile meat is widely eaten in Australia, and locals can get crafty when preparing croc-based dishes. A good example is the crocodile cheesecake, a uniquely Australian specialty. Succulent and packed with plenty of flavor, this white meat is also available in a variety of cuts. Chefs who want to offer native Australian cuisine serve crocodile dishes with lots of herbs and spices. Its flavor and texture are a mixture of chicken, tuna, and salmon.

Where to go:
Silky Oaks Lodge (Finlayvale Road, Mossman, QLD, 4873)

After tasting the kangaroo burger, emu steak, and camel pie, go for one last savory treat with a slice of crocodile cheesecake. Served with a chutney and pickled papaya salad, this tarragon-infused meat pie is the star of the menu.

They may taste, smell, and look weird, but meats from crocs, roos, emus, and camels have long been part of the indigenous cuisine. If you’re planning to order one from a restaurant, make sure its prepped and cooked properly. This way you’ll enjoy the meat’s distinct and rich flavors that are uniquely Australian.

Discover the distinct flavours of Australia, one dish at a time. Remember that it’s never nice to have to walk or take public transport after your belly is full. Get to your hotel quickly, easily, and conveniently with a car hire from Alpha.