Queensland has many beautiful destinations and amazing sights to see for both residents and travellers. For those who live locally, taking a long trip in their car may not be an option if it is old or they would prefer not to have the wear and tear on their own vehicle.

For international and interstate travellers, it is likely they will arrive by plane or will need to hire a car for their travels throughout Queensland. In either situation, Alpha Car Hire are there to help with your requirements and can recommend some great places to go too, like Spicers Peak Lodge.

Luxury Without the 6-Star room rate

Spicers Peak Lodge, situated in Maryvale, Queensland, is one of seven properties. This 12-suite lodge is well known for its amazing cuisine with a reputation for leaving the guests in a food coma not to be missed.

A good deal of the ingredients used in their fine food is sourced from the property, including the ‘bush tucker’ you can enjoy in the mornings with your ‘guide’ Russell Moreton. If you’re interested in a true taste and view of Australia, this is the place for you.

As you walk by cows lazily grazing in the paddock you will be shown plants such as black wattle seeds and orchids that Aborigines were known to eat. You will hear stories of the tribes from that area and Russell also has some of his own stories to tell that are rich with history.

You can taste beautiful sweet mini apples that grow on a bush, listen to how damper is made and visit the lake where the chefs have collected some of their ingredients. It is self sufficiency at its finest.

If your stay is to be during the winter months, prepare to rug up. Spicers Peak Lodge is nestled at 1,150 metres above sea level, on top of a mountain and as far as non-alpine lodges go, it is the highest in Australia.

What do you need?
To get you there you will need to find yourself a great budget car rental deals. A call to Alpha Car Hire will put you on the right path to the perfect getaway. Their friendly staff will be able to assist you with all your enquiries and they will suggest the best vehicle and deal for your needs. Then all you need is a map or GPS and a sense of adventure. With Alpha Car Hire, seeing the best sights is always possible.