A home with a fair-sized garden requires love and care. Whether you have owned your home for several years or if you are the proud owner of a new home you will be making decisions regarding the outlay of your garden.

Many homeowners have green fingers when it comes to creating and maintaining a beautiful garden. However, when starting a garden from scratch, it is essential to have a design in mind and to set up a budget.

Select a simple design

Unless you decide to hire a landscaper, it is wise to keep the design of your garden as simple as possible. Garden clutter is a no-no for the do-it-yourself gardener.

Reduce costs by hiring a ute
With the convenience of renting a ute from Alpha, this will provide the transport needed when shopping for gardening equipment and plants. As well as radio and air conditioning, drivers can enjoy the luxury of a CD player, MP3 and a Bluetooth mobile phone. Is it any wonder that gardeners are hiring a ute whenever they have the urge to make changes to their yards.

Landscaping for amateurs
It’s easy to find out whether you have the ability to landscape your garden. Bear in mind that you will need to decide if you have the capability to tackle what could be a fairly big project.

If you already have green fingers and you know all about colour matching then you are on your way to making your garden a success. Being acquainted with the various types of soil would also be in your favour. Carting bags of soil or pebbles is not for smart sedan cars. This is where a ute from Alpha Car Hire comes in very useful for this job. Instead of making several trips and messing up your boot or back seat, the hired ute will solve many of your transport problems.

Clear out the clutter
Before you even begin your garden, there will possibly be a great deal of clutter to remove so get rid of any garden rubbish as soon as possible.

Rubble, as well as overgrown trees and foliage that look unsightly, must be cleaned up. This could take a few weekends, depending on the size of the yard and the amount of clutter to be carted away. Take your time. Don’t make any hasty decisions. Remember that once you remove something it will be difficult to replace it.

Also, it is illegal to remove some trees without lodging an application. Nevertheless, dead trees and dead branches can be safely removed as well as trees that are under a certain height.

Once the yard has been cleared, it should be viewed as a palette where you will ‘paint’ your garden into a vision of colour. Also, don’t forget to make some space in your backyard for a vegetable garden. At today’s high prices, your own vegetable patch can save you many dollars and there is nothing better or healthier than eating fruit and vegetables freshly picked from your own garden.

Make friends with the Internet
If you aren’t sure how to get started on your landscaping project, there are plenty of books available. However, a search on the Internet will offer a wide selection of ideas. Today’s technology brings a wide source of applications for the enthusiastic do-it-yourself landscaping gardener.

Gardening Apps
Many gardening applications can be downloaded for a small fee and several others are free. For instance, there is the ABC Veggie Guide, which is a complete guide to vegetable gardening in Australia. This app could be the help that you desperately need to get started. From the times when to select and plant seeds in your specific climate zone to selecting popular varieties, the information is a boon to gardeners.

The Gardening Australia website is an amazing website where amateur vegetable growers can click on any area, month and vegetable to receive hints and information regarding when to plant and the best varieties to select. There are also many guides and apps available for flower gardening.

Protected vegetation
When landscaping a garden, homeowners need to be aware of Australian law regarding the removal of protected trees. This law comes under the Natural Assets Local Law (NALL), which protects natural vegetation. In some instances, therefore, a permit is required to manage those trees that are protected under NALL. If your garden contains large trees you might not be able to remove them without a permit.

Some species included in this category of protected trees are the blue gum (60cm or larger), mangoes (80cm or larger), and figs (100cm or larger), to name a few. If you aren’t sure whether any trees in your garden are protected, check first with your local Council

Let your hired ute carry the load
Once you have made up your mind regarding which vegetation to remove, hiring a ute will make your life much easier.

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