Australia is a great for road trips. There are countless places to go, whether it’s inland or along the coast. But hours in the car can take its toll, especially on young children.

A friendly game of Corners can turn into a sibling squabble and restless children can quickly become a parent’s worst nightmare. Here are some suggestions to help you keep the peace, and your sanity, on your next family road trip.

Take Regular Breaks

They say it isn’t the destination but the journey that matters. So take advantage of the many things to do and see across Australia and schedule regular stops along the way. Go and see a famous landmark or historical location. Australia seems to have a knack for making big things; just check out the Big Pineapple, Banana, Barrimundi or Golden Gumboot. These novelties are bound to keep the boredom at bay for at least a few hours.

Pack Toys and Entertainment
Make sure your iPad and smartphones are fully charged, as these can offer hours worth of entertainment for those getting tired of the scenery. Bring your child’s toys and puzzles. Portable DVD players and a bunch of movies will keep everyone happy. But don’t forget about yourself, make sure there is good music for the driver and don’t overlook how much fun can be had with old-fashioned trivia games. I Spy has gotten generations of families through countless long drives.

Bring Snacks
Pack a cooler of snacks to keep the family happy. Have a mix of healthy options, such as fruit and muesli bars, as well a few treats. Make sure you have plenty of water. Put the cooler within reach of your children, so you don’t have to stop and unpack the car every time someone is hungry.

Get Comfortable
Getting you children to sleep can give you hours of peace and quiet. So make sure everyone has a pillow and blanket to use. You can even buy seatbelt pillows for extra comfort. Take at least a few minutes every couple of hours to stretch your legs. Adults can share driving responsibilities to help reduce fatigue and avoid driving whilst tired.

Plan Ahead
Make sure you have drawn out your route ahead of time. Don’t be afraid to take the scenic route, the extra time is usually well and truly made up for by the natural surroundings. Schedule you departure during off-peak traffic times, or you may spend the first few hours of your road trip at a stand still. Get your vehicle check out by a mechanic before hand. If you are hiring a car, Alpha Car Hire’s vehicles are near new and regularly serviced.

And there you have it, a few pointers to help you on your family’s next long drive. Make sure you have packed enough food and entertainment, make regular stops and don’t leave everything to the last minute. And if you are looking to go on an adventure sometime soon, check out our great rates on car hire.