Small confined space, arm to arm, endless hours of mundane road, is it any wonder every road trip is guaranteed a cargument? Why they start is obvious, and normally unavoidable, but how you deal with them can have important implications on the rest of the holiday! Taking the easy way out with the silent treatment or the threat of being left on the side of the road haven’t proved very effective in the past and we doubt they will any time in the near future. So here are some tips to avoid, diffuse and generally deal with conflict whilst in a car.

The saying prevention is better than cure is yet to be proven wrong, so let’s start with what causes a cargument. Being tired, stressed and general bored are all common culprits. These same factors are at the root of a lot of arguments, however the confinement of a car seems to instantly amplify the affect they have. This is probably due to the lack of space and stale air a car environment often holds, both factor that put peoples nerves on edge. So, we suggest after two hours of driving, before fuses start to burn short and well before the bickering starts, pull over the car at a stop and give everyone the space they need. Often, your travel companions won’t think they need a break, but they’ll be surprised how much better they will feel after ten minutes of stretching their legs!

Some times, having a break is just not an option. If this is the case, you’ll have to create space. Everyone has their own way of relaxing, so try to be aware of when someone else is trying to have a break, and respect that. One suggestion is to pack headphones and eye marks so you can escape to your own little world. Try and figure out what would work for you, and prepare for this before you leave.

Once carguments start, they can be extremely hard to diffuse.  Take a deep breath, and try and resolve the problem. Remind everyone of where they are going, and reignite excitement for the trip! It’s surprising how much one persons positive spirit can influence everyone around them, so don’t let negative tension get to you.

Happy travels!