After marriage, you and your spouse start to build a life together. Are you looking for a way to keep the romance alive? Then check out these hotels in Melbourne for a romantic weekend.

Hotels around Melbourne

If you live in the area, there are plenty of places to go for a weekend of romance. But if you want to keep it simple, a staycation is your next best bet. Here are some of these hotels around Melbourne

Drift House

You haven’t seen cozy till you’ve seen the Drift House. The Drift house is located a few kilometres past Warrnambool on the Great Ocean Road. It expertly blends modern and historical aesthetics, giving it that cozy vibe that you will surely love.

The rooms resemble a mini apartment, offering the perfect escape from the city.

Breakfast hampers are available at the Drift House. It comes complete with bread, eggs, and plum jam. It will undoubtedly be one of your best visits ever.

The Mansion Hotel and Spa

The Mansion Hotel and Spa is a short 30-minute drive from Melbourne. It is the perfect place to stay and pretend you’re 19th-century noble people.  

The Chirnside Family owns The Mansion since 1877. Staying at this hotel will allow you to feel like part of the Chirnside family who will cater to your every need.

Lindenderry at Red Hill

Nothing says romance more than a trip to the Eiffel Tower with your SO where you can say: “Eiffel for you hard, baby”.

However, not everything goes according to plan. So, instead head to Lindenderry at Red Hill. Recently refurbished, Lindenberry is the perfect place to take your SO. It may not give you the same vibe as being in Europe, but it’s the next best thing.

Book the balcony suite where you can stretch out on the large bed, relax by the fire or hang out in the balcony drinking some of the estate’s best wine. It’s honestly a romantic experience like no other.

Balgownie Estate Winery Retreat and Vineyard

Balgownie Estate is one of Australia’s Premium Vineyards. But it’s not just a vineyard; it also has accommodations available for folks who want to spend their weekend checking out the exquisite wine you can only find here.

So if you’re into wine and want to get cozy, make your bookings at the Balgownie Estate Winery Retreat and Vineyard to get the most out of both worlds.

These are just some of the hotels around Melbourne you and your SO can visit to bring back the spark in your marriage. If you’re visiting from out of town, you can rent a car here in Melbourne to make your stay more enjoyable and allow you to get to your destination with ease.