sydney car hire

Travelling around, seeing different places and meeting new people is one of the most exciting experiences to be had in life. Being in an unfamiliar city brings with it the anticipation of encountering a new scene at every turn, and this is one of the delights of travel. Millions of people trip all across the world every year just to take part in this celebration of life.

Some cities are easier to explore than others because of their topography and access to public transport. It is also much easier to get around a compact city rather than one that sprawls for kilometres like Los Angeles or Sydney. In Sydney’s case, its magnificent harbour actually dissects it, making it more difficult for a traveller to explore both north and south of the city without a car.

Sydney is an Outdoor City

Visitors to Sydney then, would be well advised to hire a car to get around. There is so much to see and do, and its wonderful Mediterranean climate invites everyone to the outdoors. Apart from some short time indoors to explore its museums and art galleries, all the action in Sydney is happening outdoors. It has a wonderful café culture with hundreds of inviting coffee houses, restaurants and eateries spilling onto the footpath so patrons can enjoy al fresco dining.

There is not one magnificent beach but many, spread from the North Shore, across the harbour down to Bondi, Cronulla and further south. To see and experience them all would take weeks by public transport. Hiring a car through a car rental agency gives the traveller the freedom to whiz around the foreshores, park close by and check out the activities and surfing conditions.

Small, Secret Beaches Accessible by a Car Hire Sydney Service
Sydney Harbour itself is one of the great anchorages of the world and also one of the great playgrounds. Boats of all types traverse its blue waters day and night, and there is no more magnificent sight than the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House lit at night, viewed from the deck of a cruise boat. The traveller in a hired car will easily find one of the many small and secluded beaches inside the harbour to relax and either set up at a picnic table or have lunch at one of the many harbourside cafes.

Hiring a car gives the traveller much easier access to everything Sydney has to offer. While the traffic can be busy in peak hours, there are many places to drive to, such as the national parks, which are within easy driving distance and that are quiet. They afford the opportunity to see something of the bush while still in close proximity to a major city. This is a rare phenomenon in this crowded world.

As you can see, everything that is exciting, fun and interesting in Sydney is better accessed in a hired car. Being inside is for bad weather days so hire a car and get out and about.