One of the biggest things about Australia is the diversity of its population. People from all over the world move to Australia to make it one of the world’s most diverse countries. And as a way to celebrate the coming together of people from different cultural backgrounds, Harmony Day was born. Be part of the fun as we celebrate this beautiful day on March 21.

What’s the Message?

One of the hardest parts about moving to a new country is blending in with the locals. Your traditions, background, and culture are all different. And so, the message that Harmony Day is that “Everyone Belongs”. Every year since it was first established back in 1999, Harmony Day has held events in various institutions, including childcare centres, schools, community groups, churches, and government agencies across Australia.

It aims to encourage people to participate and to respect various cultures and religions because everyone calls Australia, their home.

Events to Look Forward to

Harmony Day isn’t just celebrated every 21st of March, as it goes well beyond that. After all, you can’t expect everyone to just be accepting on one day out of the 365 days of the year. And so, the organisers have set up various events and contests to look forward to throughout the year that carry the message of Harmony Day with it.

And if you want to take part in these events, you are free to do so. But of course, you have to know when it’s all happening. Here are some of the dates to look forward to:

Harmony Day/World Poetry Day [South Australia]
February 1-March 23


Harmony Day coincides with World Poetry Day. Launched at the beginning of February, everyone is encouraged to write up a poem with the day’s theme. This year’s theme is “Change”. And participants may enter a poem about the topic that is no longer than 20 lines in any style of their choosing. The winners will be invited to recite their poem at the Harmony Day Lunch.

Harmony Day Poster and Song Writing Competitions/ Annual Harmony Walk Festival [New South Wales]
February 5-June 24


Aimed at the more art-inclined students, the Harmony Day Poster and Song Writing Competition is open to students residing in the New South Wales area. The contest will have five judges, and the winner will win a prize money for their school. The deadline for entries is on April 8th. To know more, check out their website to find out how to send in your entries.

Harmony Day Cookbook Competition [Queensland]
February 15-March 23


Have a knack for cooking and want to showcase that to the world? The Harmony Day Cookbook Competition is the perfect opportunity for you to give the world a taste of what your heritage is like… literally! The theme is family heritage, and the recipe must be submitted on an official recipe card.

Muswellbrook Multicultural Group Harmony Day Celebrations [New South Wales]
March 10


In the spirit of togetherness, BHP, Upper Hunter Community Services, Hope City Church, NSW Government and Muswellbrook Multicultural Group, have joined forces to bring you a grand celebration for Harmony Day. Expect there to be plenty of activities including hair braiding, singing, dancing, and so much more. Come with your friends and family at the Indoor Sports Centre at Rutherford Road Muswellbrook NSW.

There are plenty more events and activities to look forward to leading up to Harmony Day. Find one that you think is fun for you, and be part of the festivities!

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