May is the last month of Autumn, so it’s just right that we make the most out of it. The weather is just right – which is a sign that you should enjoy the outdoors. Australia is one of the most visited countries in the world and for a good reason. Our beaches are great surfing spots for both professional surfers and beginners, and their zoos are full of animals that would make both kids and adults aware of the beautiful nature surrounding us.

May is the perfect time to visit because, after this month, the weather will slowly transition to winter. We’ve listed the places you can go to during May, and if ever you’ve decided that you want to go, you can call us for affordable car hire in Adelaide or anywhere else in Australia.

The Beautiful Places in Australia

  • Cairns – Cairns began as a marshy swamp, without anyone taking an interest in visiting or even looking at it. Today though, Cairns is the total opposite, as it attracts thousands of tourists all year, every year. It is especially popular during April and May, just before winter starts to come in. There are plenty of options when you visit Cairns: swim at the Esplanade Boardwalk and Lagoon, hang out at the Flecker Botanic Gardens or marvel at the beautiful sight of Crystal Cascades’ waterfall.
  • Sydney Harbour – If you haven’t seen whales in person yet, then this is your chance. Whale watching season usually occurs in May, with the Humpback and Southern Right whales leading the show. Whales are not the only thing that you can see here, though. Go on and visit the Taronga Zoo to see Australia’s different wild animals, McMahons Point for a view of the Bridge and the Opera House, Luna Park for a fun day out with your kids, or the Balmoral Beach if you want to frolic under Oz’s golden sun.
  • Perth – May is the month wherein Autumn will slowly transition to winter, so the weather is excellent for a visit to The Pinnacles near Perth. With its moon-like appearance and fantastic structure, tourists get instantly blown away at the sight of this natural beauty. This geological rock formation is a few hours away from Perth, making it a fantastic stop when travelling to the area.
  • Ningaloo Reef – This is Australia’s largest fringing reef. It is home to manta rays, humpback whales, sharks, turtles, dugongs, dolphins, and hundreds of different fish species. Western Australian whale shark season happens in May, so scuba divers are sure to catch a swim with the gentle giants during this month.

Australia surely is a beautiful country. There is always something for you to do. Pack your bags and hurry before May is over!