In every mother’s life there comes a time when buying gifts for them becomes a difficult task for family members. Their lifestyles change, they tend to have most things they need and it becomes really hard to come up with gift ideas that are appropriate for the occasion. There is a trend now to give experiences rather than gifts, and with Mother’s Day approaching, this would be a great opportunity to give your mother a trip to somewhere special.

Surprise your Mother with a Sydney Experience

There are many places in Australia that could be described as special, but for iconic scenery, shopping, historical places of interest and an all around good time, few could beat Sydney. If you come in from interstate or even country New South Wales, an excellent option for getting around to all the sights is to get a car hire at the airport. Book your accommodation near the city centre, drive to the hotel and get settled, then head off on a Mother’s Day adventure she will talk about for months.

Even if you live in Sydney, taking your mother to stay at a luxury hotel for a night or two and hiring an upmarket vehicle is still an experience she will relish. A rental car is much more convenient than public transport, especially if she is unsteady on her feet, or walking any distance is difficult for her. It is also a lot cheaper overall than multiple taxi fares.

Hire Car the Best Option for Older People on the Move
On a special occasion such as Mother’s Day, the one thing you want for your mother is to enjoy the whole day, and be able to see and experience things she has chosen. Flexibility is the key to getting this to happen, and a rental car provides the most flexible way of getting from one side of Sydney to the other. It provides comfort for older people as they can ride from one destination to the next without having to get on and off trains or buses and be jostled by other passengers.

If shopping is high on the list, there will be bags and parcels to carry around, and again, a hire car is a blessing in these circumstances. Imagine how quickly your mother would tire if she had to carry her purchases around for long periods. With the hire car parked conveniently in the shopping centre car park, you being the good son or daughter will find your mother a quiet spot for a coffee and a sit down, while you take the bags to the car.

After a delicious dinner at the hotel it will be time to rest in order to be ready for the next day’s activities or the trip back to the airport where the hire car is returned. Regardless of how long you spend in Sydney, this will be a Mother’s Day she will always remember, made even better by the rental car.