Music has been around for centuries and decades, even dating back to the prehistoric period. Back in the 50s and the 60s, the music was centred on the cultural changes and the societal norms of the past. Music was carefully created back then, and it took a couple of days, weeks, or even months to compose a song and create an album, as they didn’t have the best equipment then.

Cooly Rocks  On™ is a celebration of the 50s and 60s – the music, culture, and the people. The festival will feature vintage cars, classical music, dancing, and activities that you and your family could enjoy. It will happen on the 7th all throughout the 11th of June, and you can expect a lineup that is studded with classic rock’n’roll bands.

Interested in joining in on the fun? Get a Gold Coast car rental and have a car to parade during the event! Here are some of the events that you can attend:

Street Parade

street parade

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Be amazed by the colourful costumes, dance to the classic rock and jazz music, and share the excitement at the Street Parade during the 10th of June. The parade will happen at 9:30 in the morning, along the beachfront of the beautiful Coolongatta. Join the parade which will last for two kilometers, or be an onlooker and see the parade of vintage cars, floats, surf wagons, bikes, vans, and more.

Show ‘n’ Shine

show n shine australia

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See the best vintage cars at display during the Show ‘n’ Shine! Over 1,300 customized classic cars will be up for display. These cars are totally Instagram-worthy, so be ready with your phones and cameras!

Poodle Parade

poodle parade

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Ah, poodles! Dogs are just the cutest, aren’t they? See the most adorable poodles strut their stuff at the Jack Evans Boat Harbour during the 11th of June. Poodles, schnoodles, foodle, labradoodle, spoodle, and cavoodle mates will be competing for the prettiest poodle, prettiest oodle, best rock ‘n’ roll couple, cutie pie, best trick, and the overall best show. Don’t miss this event, it’s surely gonna be a great one!

Dance Championships

kooly kat dance championships

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See the hottest Ozzie and Kiwi dancers battle it out at the Kooly Kat 2017 Dance Championships, happening during the 11th of June. Cheer on your favourite solo or pair act, and watch them groove their stuff out!

Miss Cooly Rocks On™ 2017

scoot miss cooly rocks on

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Watch the beautiful ladies of Coolangatta show their beauty, skills, and brains off at the Scoot Miss Cooly Rocks On™ 2017. It will highlight the synergy between the 40s and 60s vintage glamour and fashion, and 12 ladies will be competing for the title.

Pedal Car Show ‘n’ Shine

pedal car show n shine

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Watch the little kids battle it out at the Junior Show ‘n’ Shine! These cuties will showcase their talents when it comes to cars, giving them the chance to hone it at an early age. Watch them build their own retro and custom made pedal cars, organised by Nostalgia Garage.

We’ll see you at the event, have tons of fun and keep on dancing!