Looking for more exciting ways to learn about Australia’s heritage and culture? Sure, you could join a museum tour or watch a cultural show, but it’s definitely more fun if you let your taste buds do the work. You’ve got plenty of native treats to try, from exotic meats to local fruits that are popular among indigenous tribes. Go on a food trip and check out these Brisbane hotspots that serve the best native Australian dishes.


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Craving for something extraordinary out of simple, native Australian ingredients? Drop by Tukka and get a taste of its specialties. Take your pick from gourmet dishes that highlight the unique flavours of native meat, herbs, berries, and spices. Start your meal with the restaurant’s signature native platter. Dip the thin, slices of kangaroo, emu, and crocodile meat onto the sauces made of special spices. Order the Tasmania possum confit for the main meal; it’s slowly cooked in duck fat for more flavour. Include this restaurant in your itinerary if you love fancy-looking plates; all the dishes are served in haute-cuisine style.

Six Degrees Café


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You haven’t really been to Brisbane if you haven’t dined at Six Degrees Café. Enjoy the restaurant’s cosy vibe, and marvel at the modern interiors that reflect the owners’ desire to elevate local ingredients. Explore the unique flavours of the Kangaroo Steak with red wine sauce or the Crocodile Lemon Risotto. End the meal with the Rhubarb Brulee, and you’re sure to have an amazing dining experience. Take a look at the café’s gluten-free menu if you want healthier options.

Casablanca Bar & Restaurant


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Order either a fire-grilled emu steak or kangaroo fillet to get your money’s worth and more. Go with the emu steak if you want something healthy; it’s 95% fat fee and is served with plenty of herbs, fresh vegetables, and a red wine cream sauce. Pair this with beer battered potato wedges, and you’ve got a meal that’s delicious and absolutely filling.

A foodie guide on native Australian ingredients

Take a look at this list and learn more about the different indigenous ingredients used in native dishes:

native ingredients

Exotic meats – You’ll see lots of kangaroo, emu, and crocodile meat since these are widely used by chefs. Take a good bite, and you’ll notice that exotic meat are gamier than your regular chicken or beef. Enjoy the rich taste that burst with every bite since these are packed with more flavour.

Bush tomato – See if any of the restaurants in the list serve bush tomato-based sauces or condiments. Make your dining experience more unique with this fruit’s strong, sun-dried tomato-like flavour. Grab a pack from any of the city’s bush food shops as a souvenir.

Finger lime – Get a taste of this unique ingredient and see why this fruit continues to gain local and international attention. Order it with a plate of seafood; its sharp, citrus flavours go well with fish, crabs, lobsters, and prawns.

Book a spot in advance if you’re visiting these restaurants during peak season. Take note of the opening hours since some of these are open only for lunch and dinner. Ask the waiter for the chef’s recommendation or best-seller if you’re not sure what to try. To make your Brisbane food trip more convenient, hire a cheap car rental from Alpha.