games for a road trip

There gets to a point in every road trip where conversation runs dry, your legs realise they have been stationary for far too long, and your brain demands something new to concentrate on. It is at this point in time that road trip games become important! To fill those gaps and make sure time flies in between destinations, check out Alpha’s top 10 road games!

  1. Eye Spy

    – This classis has been around longer than your great, great grandfathers, grandfather, and is still one of the most often played games. Perhaps, this is due to it’s witty simplicity or because of the fact that you can play it absolute anywhere, either way ‘Eye Spy with My Little Eye’ is the perfect game for any road trip.  If for some reason you have never played this game before, the rules are simple; one person picks an object that is within eye site and everyone takes turns to guess what it might be! First person to guess correctly gets to spy next!

  1. Car Cricket- car cricket relies on other cars being around, so it is ideal for highway driving. Basically, one person comes up to bat, and scores runs depending on what car passes by first. For example, a white car might be worth one run, and a blue 2 and a black car out. The first person to reach 100 runs, wins!
  1. Crosswords– crosswords can be found in newspapers and magazines and are a fantastic team game. Having one person as the scribe yelling out the questions, and letting everyone have a try really makes time fly.
  1. Punch Buggy– this classic game has been around since 1953! Basically, every time you see a Volkswagen beetle, you yell out punch buggy and tap the person next to you! Don’t forget to say no returns- or they can punch you back.
  1. Number Plates– building words and phrases out of the letters in the number plates in front of you is one way to play the game. For younger children it can also be played by placing the letters in alphabetical order and the numbers chronologically. Eg. TGI 839 would be called out as GIT -389!
  1. Road Signs– everywhere you go there is road signs, and this game makes the most of that. The aim is to find every letter of the alphabet in signs. So for example, you may yell out A is Giveway and then B in Bridge Rd!
  1. 20 Questions– one person picks an object, animal or mineral and then everyone guesses. Questions need to be yes or no questions and you only get 20 to figure them out!
  1. Name It Game– first you pick a topic, so maybe towns, then someone starts of by listing a town name, Castlemaine, and the next person says a town starting with the last letter of the previous town, Euroa. You repeat, and when you can’t think of any more, you are out!
  1. The Count Things Game – count things is exactly what the name implies- everyone counts how many times they see a specific object.  Count the cows, count the old ladies, count the churches, count the red cars, the opportunities for this game are endless.
  1.  Magnetic Board Games: Who ever came up with this idea, is brilliant. With everything from checkers to monopoly, magnetic board games are prepared for every sharp corner and bump in the road! You can find them at most toy stores and they are decently priced.

If these games don’t keep you entertained make sure to have plenty of music on hand. Check out our ultimate road trip playlist.

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