Fun facts are great for trivia nights with your buddies, and it also helps keep your knowledge banks full. It’s even a great way to start conversations with people. If you or the other person know more about the fact, you can expand further, and it can trigger a discussion and also friendships.

Perth is a good city for this example. From the outside, Perth seems to be nothing more than just another city. But did you know that Perth was once visible from space? John Glenn showed his appreciation for the people of Perth when he flew over the city in 1962 onboard the Friendship 7.

But that’s not the only cool thing about Perth. It has plenty of attractions that can keep you busy for your entire stay. There’s Kings Park, Fremantle Prison where you can see some exhibits on what prison life was like back in the day, and even Bibbulmun Track where you can camp and go for a bushwalk.

If you’ve never been to Perth or are planning to go there sometime soon, either for business or for a well-deserved holiday, there’s never a wrong time to learn something new about a city.

Here are some fun facts about Perth to keep in mind and tell your friends the next time you all get together for a trip around the city in your rental car.

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