Melbourne: beautiful city filled with art, fashion, music, and wonder. Walking around these parts of Victoria, you can tell that all the beautiful, wonderful things come with a hefty price tag. Fret not, you don’t need to break the bank to experience Melb to its fullest. In fact, you can feast on some of the most delectable dishes Oz has to offer on-the-cheap. All it takes is a heart for adventure and knowing where to go.

 Fresh From the Market

queen Victoria market

Kill two birds with one stone by heading out to the produce markets. You get to shop for the freshest, organic, local produce, while trying out some of the best budget bites that Melbourne has to offer. Join the throngs of Melbournians in line for Kranskys, Pinoy BBQs, paella, Sri Lankan Food, African Jerky, they even have a few vegan options around. Looking for cheap but delish drinks? There’s also a wide selection of inexpensive wines, alcoholic, and non-alcoholic drinks for you to choose from. You’d be able to find a generous cup of sangria for only $8. Beer, of course, is always available and is amazing when you’re watching the entertainment in one of the night markets. You’d even find art, fashion, and souvenir boutiques to shop around in. Check out Queen Victoria Market and the South Melbourne Market for that one-of-a-kind foodie experience.

Meals On Wheels

food truck

The food truck culture in Melbourne is starting to pick up. Gone are the days when food trucks meals would be just mediocre sandwiches and softdrinks. Today you have everything from Thai food to New Orleans-style Cajun, to woodfired pizza, to even slow-smoked meats. You’d typically find these trucks come and go around parts of St. Kilda, Brunswick, Fitzroy, Richmond, Prahran, and Carlton. Remember that they never really stick to one place so, when you find that special food truck (or food trucks) to fall in love with, be sure to Like their Facebook pages and Follow them on Twitter or other social media. This way, you stay up-to-date

Dining Precincts

city night

Speaking of St. Kilda, Brunswick, Richmond, and Fitzroy; food trucks aren’t the only sources of gastronomic delights around those parts. Add in Chinatown and Little Bourke Street to the mix and you have a practically limitless selection of good eats that don’t break the bank. From the all-time favourite Yum Cha, to other Chinese dishes, to your choice of Indian, Malaysian, Korean, Japanese, African, American, and so many other culinary persuasions; you’ll never run out of foodgasmic treats to sink your teeth in.

For couples keeping the love alive in a practical way with a budget date; for the over-mortgaged workforce; for the independent students paying their way through the University; for travelers looking for more affordable ways to feed their wanderlust; or for people who just want to be smart with their expenses — Melbourne is an awesome place to grab some grub on-the-cheap. So if you’re looking for a foodie adventure in Victoria’s beautiful capital, money will be the least of your problems. Good luck and have fun following the wonderful aromas and whatever your taste buds are craving for, in deciding where you’re going eat. Cheers!

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