You and your family have decided to take a holiday in Victoria, but you want to do it a little differently – you want to make a road trip out of it. However, living halfway across the country means you need to fly there first and require transport once you are at your destination. With the help of Alpha Car Hire, you have found cheap Melbourne car hire to get you around the beautiful state. But a road trip isn’t as simple as hiring a car, buying some snacks and heading off. There are a few things you should keep in mind to keep you and your travel companions, calm, collected and – particularly if some of your passengers are children – sane.

  1. Make a game out of it

    Rolling hills and blue skies may be nice for the first half hour, but a few hours in, tension will be tight and the kids will be fidgeting. This can be controlled in a number of ways – by playing a few road trip games, but you can also placate the kids (and your spouse) with good music, crossword and Sudoku books, a few good magazines or even a DVD if the car is equipped with a DVD player.

  2. Take pillows and eye masks
    Cars are not the most comfortable modes of transport, especially if you have a full vehicle. Treat it like a plane and make sure everyone has neck pillows and eye masks for sleeping or just to relax for a bit.
  3. Take a break every two hours
    Whether you are going halfway up the coast or just across the city, regular breaks are crucial. It is recommended to take a break every two hours, but if you feel you need it sooner, take a break as necessary. Lots of highways have stops for those on long trips with free tea, coffee and biscuits. Make sure you have a walk around and let your body recharge before moving on.
  4. Keep hydrated
    Cars can get very stuffy and sharing a small space with a lot of people can result in dehydration. Make sure everyone has water on hand to keep them hydrated but try to limit children’s intake – you don’t want them asking to go to the bathroom every 5 minutes!
  5. Take lots of photos
    No matter how many times you do a road trip, whether it is the same place and time or an entirely different country, every road trip is different. Make sure you have the memory forever by taking lots of photos. Also take an in car charger for the camera or your phone to keep them ready for anything.

If you are looking for car hire in Brisbane, Melbourne or somewhere else in Australia, have a chat with the friendly staff at Alpha Car Hire by calling 1300 22 74 73 for free within the country. You can also take a look at our Travel Guide for more travel advice and tips.