Now that January is almost over, it’s time to make your plans for February. Australia always has an event worth attending. It’s all a matter of figuring out which ones are worth your time.

Events this February

Looking for something to do or spend your remaining days of summer? Then let this be your guide. It’s a short guide to some of the notable activities in and around Australia for February:

Surfest 2019 [Newcastle]


Surfest is back and is on throughout February. Different parts of this surfing festival will be held on various beaches throughout the country. That includes Birubi Point, Redhead Beach, Stockton Beach, and Merewether Beach to name a few.

Come to Surfest with your buddies for a fun day at the beach watching the surfers ride the waves with expertise. Learn more about Surfest 2019 through their website.

Noosa Summer Swim Festival [Sunshine Coast]


The Noosa Summer Swim Festival is scheduled for February 2 and 3 at the Sunshine Coast. It’s an event where ocean swimmers from all over the country and abroad come together.

Lastly, the waters and your abilities at the different distance swimming courses. Each course ranges from 1km to 3km.

Additionally, there are free events on the shore for everyone to enjoy. So, invite your friends and be part of the Noosa Summer Swim Festival this year.

Queensland Triathlon Series R6 Caloundra [Sunshine Coast]


Want a different physical challenge? The Queensland Triathlon Series comes to the Sunshine Coast on the 3rd February 2019. Athletes will test their limits as they race to win the grand prize.

What’s more, you can make this a bonding experience with your kids as triathletes as young as 7 are welcome to participate.

Superbike World Championship [Victoria]


Come to Victoria and get your adrenaline pumping at the Superbike World Championship from February 22 to 24. It’s also the perfect opportunity to see what high-performance four-stroke street bikes can do as they battle it out at the Grand Prix.

Lastly, watch the race and cheer your favourite rider on as you share a beer or two with your best buddies.

Adelaide Fringe [Fringe]

adelaide fringe

If you’re a fan of art, then come and see the Adelaide Fringe. The Adelaide Fringe is a month-long event, from February 15 to March 17.

Here, artists gather to show off their talents and skills to a cheering crowd. If you’ve never been to Adelaide, then now is the best time to visit.

The Fringe is the best time of the year to be in the city, and you will enjoy every minute of your stay.

These are some of the events to see this February. Are you ready for all the action that awaits you? Then call your mates, make your plans, and book the tickets needed. While you’re at it, secure a car rental service so you can drive you and buddies down to the venues on time.