Sometimes all it takes is a dream to get your new life going. This was the case with Ken and Sonia Fletcher. The couple moved with their family from South Africa to Australia hoping for a better future. And the brought their secrets to great avocados with them.

They planted their seeds, and now it has grown into healthy avocado trees. The couple has always kept an avocado tree in their old home, and a few years ago, Ken and Sonia bought an avocado farm in Nelson Bay.

Armed with nothing but determination and a willingness to learn, along with the support of fellow avocado loving neighbours, the Fletchers have managed to turn their 300 avocado trees into their livelihood.

Today, far from South Africa, Ken and Sonia Fletcher are now the proud owners of an avocado farm. In a recent interview with The Herald, Ken had this to say: “We have four varieties, some of which are not available in supermarkets. Ours is unique because they really are farm fresh. We pick them all by hand, and we date every picking, so we know when each batch will ripen. There is no refrigeration and distribution. We have a lot of people who come back every week for more.”

Unlike regular trees, avocado trees require a lot of attention, and there is only one crop per year. Fletcher explained: “From flowering in early spring to harvesting in June, they need to survive wind, storms, heat waves, and even frost, which we had on four occasions this winter.”

After going through and overcoming the challenges, the avocados are harvested and are sold on the couple’s farm stall located at 3327 Nelson Bay Road, Bob’s Farm, as well as in various small local markets. They typically trade from June to November starting at 9.30 am to 4 pm or until supplies last.

Aside from these fresh fruits, they also sell fresh Fingal bee honey harvested from the beehives on their farm.

There’s nothing quite like fresh fruit and honey. So, if you’re in the Newcastle area and are craving for some avocados, rent a car and drive yourself to Bob’s Farm for some farm fresh avocados.

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