Australia’s autumn is currently in full swing. So, why not make the most of the weather and find ways to spend time with your family?

There are plenty of ways to do just that. Whether you plan a road trip or just a simple day tour of the city, you can always be sure to find something worth doing with your family.

Autumn Activities to Try

Give your family a break from the woes and stress of everyday life with a bit of fun and excitement. Here are a few autumn family activities you can do with all members of the family:

Plant Something and Make it Grow

planting kids

A fun bonding experience you can do at home is planting. Put some seeds into a pot or your garden and teach your kids how to care for it, and together, you can watch it grow.

The activity will teach your children the wonders of growing plants and see their pride in their achievements as the plant grows. It’s also a great way to show them about responsibility to prepare them for the future.

If you’re unsure what to plant, there is a comprehensive list of autumn plants that will be appropriate to grow in your area.

Nature Walk

nature walks

Autumn brings out some of the best colours of the year. The great thing about it is that the season can give even the most familiar places look new.

If your kids are new to nature walks, start them off by taking them to a nearby park and pointing out the colours of the trees. Let them take the lead and allow them to get curious and ask questions about nature.

Once they’re ready, take them for a short nature walk to see more of what autumn has to offer. This is also an excellent opportunity to teach them how to read a compass and identify animal tracks. That way, if they ever find themselves off the beaten path, they can always find their way back.

Family Camping

camping trips

Put their newfound navigation and tracking skills to the test with a camping trip. Autumn weather is perfect for those who want to experience camping in a season other than summer.

Here, you can teach your children how to build a fire and cook hotdogs and make smores. The best part about a camping trip with the family is that everyone can appreciate nature.

Once it’s time to go home, show your children how to put out a campfire to prevent forest fires and to gather all of their rubbish and not to leave them behind.

A Trip to the Zoo

zoo animals

If your kids don’t want to be outdoors, don’t fret. A visit to the zoo may be what they need. Here, they can learn more about wildlife and where each animal came from.

This is also the perfect opportunity for your kids to learn about endangered species and how animals become endangered in the first place.

Museum Visit

museum visit

We can all learn a lot from history. Museums are like a portal through time where you can see what people from long ago used for their daily lives.

It can spark curiosity in your child, and it can lead them to ask more about the world and how these events took place and when. It’s a great learning experience, and you can guide your child along the way.

When choosing what to do with your family, put your children’s age into consideration as well as their interests. Doing this can help maximise the amount of fun everyone will have and will lessen the stress from everyone around.

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