Technology is becoming a more integral part of our day-to-day lives with every minute. Whether you have a smart phone, tablet or a laptop, we are sure you don’t venture far from home without it, so why not make the most of them when your exploring new holiday destinations? With a growing bank of apps available on iPhone and Android systems, there is no need to stress about where to go or what to do next. Here’s a guide on how to swap the clutter of maps and cameras with all the apps you could ever need.

Flight tracker

Simply type in the flight number and find out what flights are taking off/landing and at what gate! It also informs you of delays and you can share all the information from the app with friends and family through Facebook and email, so everyone can know exactly where you are and when you will return!


A database of user reviews about local restaurants and cafes in regional and major cities. Because the reviews are made by other dinners, they are easily to interpret and tell you what you really need to know- where they are located, the price range and the quality of the food!


If you don’t already use this app, a holiday is the perfect time to start!  The app allows you to upload and edit photos quickly and easily to a forum for all your friends and family to see! You can also link your account to your Facebook and Twitter.


This app contains information on things to do in cities all around the world! It contains all the main tourist destinations, as well as places you may never have discovered on your own!


The bureau of meteorology app will supply you with weather information on everywhere in Australia. Forecasts include approximations of when in the day rain may occur, UV ratings and wind speed, as well as temperature! The app allows you to be prepared for anything, rain, hail or shine.

There are plenty of other fantastic apps that are specific to the city you are in that provide details on events, live music and public transport systems. To find out about more great apps check out the Apple App store or the Android App store, there’s bound to be something for you!