turpin falls

There is more to Victoria then the Great Ocean Road and capital city Melbourne.  Central Victoria has plenty to offer, you just need to know where to look! One of our favourite best kept secrets is located just an hour and twenty minutes outside of Melbourne; Turpins falls offers the perfect space to hide from the world and just relax.

Rock formations have lead to a 20-30m tall waterfall into a pool of calm water. The bush land surrounding the falls offer the perfect shade of a picnic lunch and the inviting waters are a great way to escape the non forgiving summer heat. The area is friendly for all age groups, however the water is very deep and only suitable for confident swimmers. On a weekend, you can expect to share the area with 20 or so people, whereas during the week you may just be lucky enough to have it all to your self!

Although you do have to stray onto dirt roads to find the falls, the drive really isn’t tricky. Just jump in the car and follow directions to Metcalf East Rd and then follow the signs to the falls from there! There is A car park area at the top of a steep walking track that leads down to the water, so make sure to pack proper shoes.

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Happy Summer Exploring!