Most of us love it when there’s a holiday coming up. It’s the perfect time to visit family and friends we haven’t seen in ages. It’s also a great excuse to escape the daily grind. So, if you intend to take full advantage of the Easter holiday, here are some simple ways you can save time, money, and have a smooth car hire online booking experience.

Book online and do it early.

One of the quickest and most cost-efficient ways you can save time and money is to book online. Do your research online and visit car rental websites. Check out the current prices and latest deals that they offer. Also, make sure to book your car hire early. Remember that whenever there is a holiday, rental cars can quickly get booked out. So, book early.


Choose a suitable vehicle.

Before you make a reservation, determine the car you need. If you are travelling solo, you may only need a compact car. It may be enough to do some casual driving around the city or nearby areas. If you are travelling with a large group, consider hiring a bigger vehicle so you’ll have enough space for your luggage or have extra legroom.

Check the rates directly on the individual car rental agency.

The best thing about doing your homework in advance is you can check the car hire rates directly from car rental company. You can get a better and more affordable rate this way. If you’re renting for a longer period, you can save more money in the process.


Skip the airport rentals.

Some people choose to rent vehicles at the airport. But they may not be aware that prices are more exorbitant because of airport surcharges. These inflated fees are often passed on to consumers, so they end up paying more than they should. To avoid this, look for off-airport rental agencies to save more money.

Do get insurance directly from the individual car rental agency.

It’s a good idea to get the auto insurance policy directly from car rental agency, and NOT from the brokers. This way, you won’t be liable to pay a massive amount of money in the event you do have an accident.

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No need to negotiate.

The small car rental companies already offer much a lower price compared to the big players. Plus, you are supporting proudly owned Australian business that will continue to provide competitive car hire rates. It’s a total win-win for you, the customer, as well as the business.

Avoid the big car rental companies.

It’s almost certain that you’ll save a lot more money if you skip the big-named companies and choose the local and independent agencies. You can see a notable difference of roughly 15 to 30 percent in rental costs. Keep in mind that these smaller rental companies are also vying for your business so they can get very competitive in terms of car hire prices.

Grab the extras.

When you hire a vehicle, you must consider adding useful extras like GPS to help you navigate to destinations you are visiting for the first time. Also, consider getting a child seat if you’re travelling with your baby. It will be more convenient for you and these extras are very affordable.

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Before you drive away.

Make sure you inspect the vehicle carefully for any pre-existing damages or car features that are not functioning properly. It’s a good idea to take a snapshot of all sides of the car and make sure your report it immediately.

And when you’re ready to go on that epic Australian adventure, book at Alpha Car Hire today for the best daily, weekly, and monthly rates.

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