Staying safe on the road is something that all motorists should take very seriously. No matter how long you’ve been driving, it’s a good idea to take a refresher course on the basics of driving safely every now and then. If you want to ensure the safety of your passengers, your fellow motorists, and pedestrians, review these safety tips for driving.

Always pay attention

When you are driving, make sure you are alert at all times. Watch the actions of your fellow drivers.

Don’t assume anything

Some drivers make the mistake of thinking that their fellow motorists are going to do the right thing.

man using seatbelt
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Buckle up

This goes without saying. During your early days of learning how to drive, you have heard this frequently as this is a vital safety measure for all drivers.

Use your turn signals consistently

If you are turning or changing lanes, make sure you use your turn signals beforehand.

Obey traffic signals

Traffic signals are one of the key things you need to pay close attention to aside from other motorists.

traffic signal

Do not disregard the yellow light

Some drivers make the mistake of viewing the yellow light as a sign to step on the gas to rush into an intersection instead of slowing down and getting ready to stop.

Respect the stop signs and red lights 

Even if you think no vehicles are coming, do not assume it’s okay to not come to a complete stop.

Don’t drive and send text messages at the same time

When you are driving, always remember that there is no good excuse for sending text messages simultaneously. This is one of the major causes of deadly accidents.

speed limit sign
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Follow the speed limits

There’s a good reason speed limits are put into place. They are established to ensure the safety of drivers and other people in the areas where roadways are located.

Adapt to the weather

Take extra precautions when the weather conditions are less than ideal. There are safety measures you can follow during rainy, snowy, or foggy weather conditions.

Be patient

Motorists who are in a mad dash to get where they’re going are more likely to get into an accident. While it’s understandable being fast means you’re saving time, it’s much better to arrive at your destination in one piece. Always practice the saying, “drive to arrive”.

Don’t be unpredictable

Making abrupt lane changes or stops will make it difficult for other drivers to anticipate your actions, thus increasing your chances of running into an accident.

glass of whiskey and car keys
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Don’t drive intoxicated

It is never acceptable to operate a motor vehicle when you are under the influence of alcohol or certain types of drugs that can impair your senses.

Avoid getting distracted

You should give your complete attention when driving. Aside from sending text messages, you should also avoid other distractions like chatting with other passengers or flicking radio stations. Always keep your eyes focused on the road.

Respect the right of way

If other motorists have the right of way, always yield to them. Even if you do have the right of way, don’t assume other drivers will yield to you. So, yield if the other driver seems not inclined to do so.

Make sure your car is working properly

This means you need to maintain it well by having your vehicle’s fluids topped off or changed, your tyres are properly inflated, and lights are functioning properly, among others.

So, the next time you hit the road, remember to brush up on the basics of driving safely. This will come in handy, especially on your next car rental. You will be more confident that you’ll reduce the chances of any untoward events from happening. Stay safe and happy driving!

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