Car sickness is one of those debilitating conditions that can occur regularly for the sufferer, or it can be a ‘one-off’ affecting a passenger who has never experienced it in the past. Either way, the nausea, sweating, dizziness and vomiting is guaranteed to spoil the journey unless some action is taken to control the symptoms.

Car (also called travel or motion) sickness is generated from the inner ear canals. These are filled with fluid that moves when the head moves. Car sickness occurs when the inner ear tells the brain that the body is moving, but the eyes are focused on a still object, indicating the body is still. This sets up a sensory conflict in the brain that triggers the unpleasant symptoms.

Prolonged Vomiting can Lead to Dehydration

Staff members at Alpha Car Hire suggest that adults who have experienced car sickness in the past carry their own medication to take before travelling. Children between the ages of 4 and 12 are more likely to experience car sickness so to avoid spoiling the trip parents should assume the worst and take precautions. For extreme cases, doctors can prescribe medications and any prolonged vomiting should be treated seriously, as it leads to dehydration.

Ginger is one of the remedies the car hire office has found to be helpful, either by adding minced ginger to boiling water to make a quick tea, or by chewing raw ginger. If that doesn’t sound too inviting, there are other steps that have proven successful. As far as food and drink is concerned, the advice is that on short trips to refrain from eating and drinking, and on long journeys, to eat and drink sparingly but often. Alcohol should be avoided up to 24 hours prior to departure.

Other Suggestions to Control Symptoms

Other methods to control car sickness include getting plenty of fresh air through the vehicle, sitting in the middle where there is less of a sensation of movement and watching the scenery moving by. This allows the eyes to confirm the sensation of movement already indicated by the inner ear. Some people experience relief by lying on their back with their head still. Reading in a moving vehicle is not recommended and facing backwards from the direction of travel also triggers car sickness in some people.

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