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This post was updated: December 21, 2017

There is any number of reasons why someone would hire a car. Holidays, car repairs, business or personal use are just a few reasons why this would happen. Either way, there are some companies out there who don’t have the best interests of their clients, but at Alpha Car Hire, they do.

At Alpha Car Hire, they proudly provide reliable car rentals to clients who are local, interstate and international. They have built their reputation on sticking to their word whilst providing honest and up-front quotes teamed with outstanding customer service. To assist you in your quest to choose the right car rental company, let us tell you some things Alpha won’t do.

High insurance costs

Some car rental companies see insurance as an opportunity to charge you more money, on top of the hire price. At times, this charge can be huge and can negate the cheap rental price that you were first quoted.

At Alpha, you know your options before you sign and their charges are reasonable. All of their vehicles come with comprehensive insurance, so no extra or hidden charges are to be paid on top of rental fees.

In the event of a mishap, the excess you pay is $3,300; however, if you wish to avoid this then there are some very reasonable insurance options you can choose from. Each one covers different items and either reduce the excess amount or bring it down to zero.

All of these packages, and costs, are easily viewed on their website under terms and conditions. With Alpha, there are no hidden nasty surprises about what you are liable to pay in case of an accident.

It’s not a bad idea to choose an option to reduce your liability. You never can be sure if something unfortunate may happen and even having your excess reduced for a small fee each day of hire can be a godsend.

Airport locations
Some hire companies may want to charge you extra if you pick up your vehicle from the airport. This is because the airport is a prime location for pickups. Hire with Alpha Car Hire and you don’t need to do this.

Shopping around for the best price is highly advised. Why not give their friendly staff a call to find out what’s the best car hire deal they can do for you?

Charge for extra drivers
The price you are quoted to hire a vehicle with Alpha is the price you pay. Drivers must be over the age of 21 and those aged 21 to 24 will be charged an ‘underage fee’ of $21 a day. When getting a quote, state the ages of all the intended drivers.

Pick up and drop off
Flexibility is the key when it comes to car hire and the experience of clients. Some car hire companies may not allow drop off at different offices in the same state. Alpha Car Hire accept that travellers may need to pick up at one point and drop at another. When making a booking enquiry, check with the friendly rental assistant about pickup and drop off points.

Other advice to offer
In addition to ensuring you find a reputable car hire company, there are also some steps you should take to avoid any unnecessary upsets for yourself before you hire and drive away.

It is vitally important you make yourself familiar with the terms and conditions of the contract before you sign. Anything you are unsure of, ask. The team at Alpha Car Hire pride themselves in high quality service and are there to help. No question is too small or silly. It’s better that you understand the contract than hope for the best.

Before you drive away, check the vehicle thoroughly, whilst Alpha boasts the cleanest and most reliable vehicles for hire, it is always best to see and know for yourself that all is well with the car.

If there are any scratches, mess or damage to the vehicle, notify staff right away; don’t drive away and assume you can tell them when you get back.

Being proactive in your search for a car to hire means you are assured the best deal possible. At Alpha Car Hire, this is a guarantee you will be met with each and every time.

Give the team a call to enquire about the very best current deals they have available, find out more about their price guarantee and get a quote on your chosen vehicle.

When you hire with Alpha Car Hire the only ride you will be taken for is the one you have in the car.