Getting vehicles for your company can be expensive. Just one car can cut a lot of your profits with upkeep, fuel and the cost of depreciation when you need to buy a new car or truck. If you need a fleet of cars, this price can be multiplied drastically, especially when you need to maintain, repair or upgrade your vehicles. One option many businesses choose to save more money is by hiring their fleets, eliminating many issues.

Many industries need the use of a variety of vehicles. Some of these include construction companies, removalists and companies who do a lot of moving around. Hiring trucks and utes can make this process a lot easier, without the need to spend money on repairs, maintenance or upgrades. The car company will include repairs and extra fees in the rental cost, often resulting in a smaller loss in finance in the long run. Upgrading is also easier as you can get a newer, better vehicle as soon as your rental period is finished.

One company offering ute and truck hire in Brisbane is Alpha Car Hire. Their ute rental in Brisbane offers customers a 1.5 tonne ute with all the features you need, including ABS brakes, air conditioning, CD player and MP3, Bluetooth and a 4 cylinder engine. Their trucks are perfect for moving lots of items, coming with a hydraulic lift for those heavier or more awkward items.

So, if you need truck or ute rental in Brisbane, look no further than Alpha Car Hire. With competitive rates, great vehicles and lots of extras, they can reduce your vehicle costs and help increase your profits. Visit them online or call them for free within Australia on 1300 22 74 73 to find out more or hire a vehicle today.