Getting up early in the morning is a challenge for a lot of people. But that’s what coffee is for; it gives you the instant energy you need to drive yourself to work and do your job. And recently, the cheapest coffee in Australia was revealed.

However, making your coffee in the morning can be time-consuming. That is why a lot of Australians are choosing to buy their coffee on the go.

In a  recent study by the Square Australian Coffee Report, they found that New South Wales offered the cheapest coffee in Australia, averaging at $3.98 per cup, while the Northern Territory had the most expensive with a $4.80 average.

It was also found that iced coffee was more expensive in all states. As it costs at least $5 per cup.

Meanwhile, the most popular coffee choice in the nation are lattes, followed by the flat white. Both drinks have increased in popularity by at least 22 per cent since 2015.

A Square spokesman said in an interview that it was no surprise that in large cities, like Melbourne and Sydney, that the prices are competitive compared to other parts of the country.

Aside from prices, the study also found that a lot of coffee shops have been exploring with the different flavours. In fact, there was a 120 per cent increase in chai lattes, while matcha-infused coffee has gotten a 360 per cent increase between 2015-2017.

Now that you know more about the coffee prices in Australia, don’t forget to drive by a coffee shop in Sydney for great coffee at an even better rate.

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